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During cold weather animals invade your home

Squirrels, rats and other rodents… along with raccoons, bats and other critters seek shelter inside many homes in metro Atlanta. Once inside, they not only disrupt your sleep schedule, but also cause significant damage and spread disease and bacteria that put you and your family at risk.

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Active Will Take These 10 Proven Steps
To Solve Your Wildlife Problem…

  1. Thoroughly inspect your home for signs of wildlife and their entry points
  2. Determine what type(s) of wildlife have made your home, their home
  3. Provide a detailed plan and price quote for solving your wildlife problem
  4. Explain all the details and answer any questions you may have
  5. Rid your home of the wildlife – humane methods are available in many cases
  6. Repair any damage caused by the wildlife
  7. Seal all wildlife entry points
  8. Install stainless steel wire mesh exclusion material, so your “guests” cannot return
  9. Clean up the area and replace any soiled insulation if necessary
  10. Provide a copy of your Active Wildlife Warranty

Industry Leading Wildlife Warranty

For Full Exclusions: 

For a one year period, if any wildlife gets in through the area that Active secured, Active will remove the animals, re-seal the area and replace any soiled insulation at no charge.

In the case of bats, a partial exclusion usually solves the problem.  Active offers the same one year warranty on partial exclusions for bats.

Warranty Renewals:

After the first year, Active offers warranty renewals at an annual price of $175 for full exclusions; and $150 for partial exclusions.  The renewal includes a re-inspection of your home.

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3 Common Wildlife Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #1:  Ignoring the problem

To limit the damage to your home, you should have your home   inspected sooner, rather than later.

Mistake #2:  Trying to handle it yourself

Finding and repairing all the tiny gaps and holes, often from a fully-  extended ladder, should be left to the professionals.

Mistake #3:  Automatically choosing the lowest price

The old saying, “you get what you pay for” applies to professional wildlife removal and exclusion services. Proceed with caution.

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