Atlanta Silverfish Pest Control & Extermination

Some experts call Silverfish the most destructive stored product pest. They have even been found in unopened packages of food. Silverfish can contaminated large amounts of food while going unnoticed.

Atlanta Silverfish Pest Control & Extermination

If you are seeing Silverfish in your home, we recommend professional extermination. You can get an online quote, schedule a free inspection, or call 770-954-9941 for Atlanta silverfish pest control.

Silverfish love damp, dark places. They usually only move around nocturnally and do not want to come into contact with humans. If you see one or two silverfish, chances are there is a much bigger population that is active at night. Even a severe infestation can go unnoticed for months.

Silverfish feed on carbohydrates such as sugars and starches. They are known to be very destructive to wall paper, clothes, and paper. Keeping areas such as the kitchen free of such food sources will help to control their population. However, it will not eliminate them.

One female silverfish is capable of laying 100 eggs in her lifetime. The incubation period is anywhere from 19 days to 43 days depending on environmental conditions. The eggs do best in humid conditions, but silverfish can thrive in almost any environment. Silverfish reproduce all year round which contributes to the rapid growth in their population.

When a silverfish hatches from its egg it is called a nymph until it reaches adulthood. A nymph will molt six to seven times before reaching maturity and molt an additional 60 times in its three year lifespan. Your Active Pest Control technician may use an Insect Growth Regulator to prevent nymphs from reaching maturity and reproducing.

Some home owners attempt to control silverfish by using store bought pesticides, baits, or cinnamon. Store bought pesticides and baits may eliminate individual silverfish, but do not address the larger population of silverfish. Cinnamon is effective as a barrier against silverfish, but it does not kill the insect. An effective treatment program will not just focus on mature silverfish but on preventing eggs from hatching and nymphs from maturing to the stages of reproduction.

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