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Thank you in advance for taking the time to learn about termites and how Active Home Solutions can provide you with the highest quality termite control available!

Every year thousands of homeowners are completely blind-sided by termites. Termites can be suprisingly destructive with very little to no advance warning. That is how termites are able to do more damage to structures than all the fires, floods, hurricanes and tornados combined. They stay hidden from view silently eating wood members from the inside out. They can destroy wide spead areas before ever being discovered.

There are two primary considerations with respect to evaluating termite protection for your home. The first is the actual physical protection of the home against termites, and the second is the financial protection placed on the home in the form of a warranty that covers any damage termites may cause.

Prior to 1995 it was basically impossible to kill termite colonies. Termite protection consisted of placing a liquid barrier between the termites that exist in the soil and the structure being protected. The termiticides were engineered to repel termites but left the colonies unscathed. When choosing the physical termite protection for your home it is important to choose the new technology that results in full colony elimination, not just temporary colony blocking. Active utilizes the best and newest technology in liquids and/or baits resulting in true colony elimination.

Unfortunately most termite warranties are written by good lawyers to protect termite companies. Loopholes, limitations, and legal language plague most termite contracts. The financial protection aspect of your termite protection is very important. With your Active Lifetime Repair & Re-Treatment Warranty you can have true peace of mind. In our warranties you do not have to worry about “live” termite out-clauses, formoson termite exclusions or control periods. In addition we have no limitations, no deductibles, and our warranties are transferable forever for free.

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