Atlanta Family Terrorized By Monster Brown Recluse Species

June 29th, 2012
Brown Recluse

An Atlanta man experienced large swelling and skin discoloration in his arm and immediately sought medical attention. The doctor believed that the arm condition was caused by a spider bite, but had no scientific proof of its origin. Because the man was already on antibiotics for other health reasons, his doctor increased his intake.

Six months later, the man’s wife felt something brush against her face while she was asleep. She was sure it was a spider but was unable to find it once she had turned the light on in her room. (more…)

Silverfish Pictures

June 26th, 2012

Silverfish can can cause serious damage for homeowners who have a large infestation. They can destroy clothes, wall paper, books, paper, and most commonly: food. Since they are a nocturnal most people never see them. When they do, it is typically when the silverfish is in the tub and unable to escape (see Silverfish Control, Prevention, & Facts).

If you have a silverfish infestation, you will need professional Atlanta silverfish extermination. (more…)

Silverfish Control, Prevention, & Facts

June 26th, 2012
Picture of Silverfish

Picture of Silverfish

Silverfish are classified as stored product pests or fabric pests. They do not transmit disease, but do contaminate food. They have been found in unopened packages of food and are considered by some experts to be the most destructive stored product pest in the United States.

Pictures Of Bed Bug Bites

June 21st, 2012

Bed bug Bites

These people were victims of parasitical bed bugs. Bed bugs are a parasite that feed on the blood of humans. They were all but eliminated in the United States due to widespread use of DDT. However, the EPA banned DDT and bed bugs have made a remarkable comeback. The bed bug’s rapid reproductive cycle and resistance to pesticide has made this parasite a real problem in highly populated areas.

4 Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

June 21st, 2012

Bed Bug Signs

Bed bugs have become a real problem over the last few years. Since the banning of the pesticide DDT, bed bugs have made a dramatic come back. In part to the fact that they can reproduce so rapidly.  We have seen a significant increase in requests for bed bug treatments.

Bed bugs are classified as a parasite, and therefore considered a public health risk. (more…)

Preventing Bed Bugs From Spreading In Apartments & Hotels

June 20th, 2012
Bed Bug

Bed Bug (Photo Credit)

In 12 months, 1 bed bug can turn into 38,000,000 bed bugs in an optimal growth environment. That is assuming that only 38,000,000 of the original 234,000,000 eggs laid by her and her offspring will hatch and reach maturity. This spells big trouble for commercial properties such as hotels and apartments who want to quickly prevent the spreading of bed bugs within their facilities.

Once a bed bug is hatched, it can easily travel from room to room under baseboards and through small cracks and crevices. Not only can it easily move from room to room, it can survive more than two years without ever feeding in a dormant stage.

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