ATBS Terms and Conditions



A. Service Commitment, Active Pest Control (the “Company”) will be in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local rules and regulations.

1. Install Termite Baiting stations (the “Stations”) in the soil around the outside perimeter of the structure
2. Monitor those Stations during the service time (Tri-Annually)
3. During the term covered by this contract, add termite bait to and remove it from the Stations as appropriate
4. Inform the Customer of:

a..any new or increased termite activity noted at the Stations
b. any addition or removal of termite bait

2. This warranty shall remain from the contract date noted herein, provided that Active visually reinspects the premises tri-annually and provided the owner pays Active the monthly warranty fee.

3.  EXISTING DAMAGE. Active is not responsible for the repair of either visible damage (noted on the attached inspection Graph) or hidden damage existing as of the date of this agreement. Because damage may be present in areas which are inaccessible to visual inspection, Active does not guarantee that the damage disclosed on the inspection graph represents all of the existing damage as of the date of this agreement.

4. WATER LEAKAGE. Water leakage in treatment areas, and leakage in interior areas or through the roof or exterior walls of the identified property, may destroy the effectiveness of Active treatment and is conducive to new infestation. Purchaser is responsible for making timely repairs as are necessary to stop leakage. Upon completion of repairs by Purchaser, Active will provide additional treatment to control infestation at Purchaser’s expense. If Purchaser elects not to repair said defects or purchase the additional necessary treatment, then Active will have no further obligation under this agreement.

5. ADDITIONS, ALTERATIONS. This agreement covers the property identified on the Inspection Graph as of the date of initial treatment. In the event the premises are structurally modified, altered or otherwise changed or if soil is removed or added around the foundation, Purchaser will immediately notify Active and will purchase the additional treatment  required by the changes incurred. Failure to do so will terminate this agreement automatically. In event of structural modification, Active also reserves the right to adjust the monthly warranty fee.

6. NOTICE OF CLAIMS, ACCESS TO PROPERTY. Any claim under the terms of this agreement will be made immediately in writing to any Active office. Active is only obligated to perform under this agreement provided the Purchaser allows Active access to the identified property for any purpose contemplated by this Contract, including but not limited to reinspection, whether the inspection was requested by the Purchaser or considered necessary by Active.

7. CUSTOMER OBLIGATIONS. Customer agrees to maintain the treated structure free from any condition conductive to termite infestation including moisture, roof leaks, improper ventilation or faulty plumbing, firewood, trash, lumber, wood, foam insulation, stucco, siding and other insulation materials 6” from contact with the ground or structure which permit
hidden termite entry.

8. CHANGE IN LAW OR REGULATIONS. Active performs its services in accordance with the requirements of federal, state and local law. In the event of a change in existing law as it pertains to the services provided herein, Active reserves the right to revise the monthly warranty fee or terminate this agreement.

9. NON-PAYMENT, DEFAULT. In case of non-payment or default by the Purchaser, Active has the right to terminate this agreement and reasonable attorney’s fees and cost of collection shall be paid by Purchaser, whether suit is filed or not. In addition, interest at the highest legal rate will be assessed for the period of delinquency.