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Beat Those Brave Atlanta Termites

Tell you what, those termites have to be brave to come into your Atlanta home, especially if you have Active Pest Control protecting it. Our termite experts take those termites and knock them out of the park. It’s Active Pest Control 1, termites zero. All. Day. If you’re looking for an all-star team with the best batting average for stopping termites, Active Pest Control is the right choice. Do you see what we’re doing here?

Atlanta braves an onslaught from subterranean termites each year. These termites seem to come out of left-field and strike when you least expect them. But you don’t have to let them throw you a curveball. Active Pest Control uses the most advanced termite system available. When it comes to termite prevention, the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System is a home run!

Let us say right off the bat, you don’t have to wait for termites to popup. Sentricon® monitors for termite activity by offering those little wood eaters a tasty dish that gets them into a real pickle. They can’t help but run that poisoned bait right back in the hole where the queen lives. That’s the sweet spot! That’s the ol’ pepper!

This is the set-up man! With the poison in the hole those termites are in a jam. It’s a face off. Their back’s against the rope! And, when the queen dies, the rest of the colony dies. It’s a twin killing.

Now, you may think we’re way off base here, or that we’re out in left field, but this seems like a great fix to us. The wood of your home stays protected, and you don’t have to worry about paying through the nose for hard-to-fix termite damage. That is a win win.

What can we say? When it comes to protecting Atlanta homes from termites, we play hardball; we’re batting a thousand. If you need someone to go to bat for you, and protect you from termites, Active Pest Control isn’t a bush leaguer. We never drop the ball or make a bonehead move.

At Active Pest Control, we’ve been at this termite killing business for years. And, you, know what? We’re just warming up. Make the right call, call us today!

Beat Those Brave Atlanta Termites in Georgia

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