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Bed Bug Bites

Are you finding small red welts on your skin? Are you wondering if those bites are from bed bugs? There are a few ways to figure this mystery out.

Bite Identification

There are many insects that bite us, and it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which one just by looking at the bites. But, here are the identifying traits to look for:

  • Are the bites in a pattern? A single bed bug will feed multiple times. Because of this, bed bug bites don’t look as random as most other bites. They will usually be in a trail on the skin.
  • Do the bites have a rash? Bites from a bed bug are usually associated with a large rash around the bite wound. There are, however, two things to keep in mind. Bed bug larvae leave smaller bites than adult bed bugs. So, while a bite may have a lot of rashy irritation around it, the bite as a whole can still be smaller than a mosquito bite. The longer bed bugs bite, the more of a rash you will likely get. For some people, it can take several bite events for their skin to develop an allergy to the saliva of bed bugs.
  • Do the bites have a scab at the center? This is usually a trait connected to flea bites, but it can also happen with bed bug bites. If you’re prone to scratching bites, you might have scabs at the center of the bite. Telling the difference can sometimes be difficult. Flea bites will usually be more inflamed than bed bug bites.
  • Do the bites have a white pustule? If your bites look a little bit like a pimple, they are not bed bugs bites. Fire ants are more likely the culprit.

Where Are You Getting The Bites?

When bugs bite, they will tend to do it in certain areas. The location of bites can help you rule out some insects, and zero in on whether or not you were bitten by bed bugs.

  • Are the bites on an area of your skin not usually covered by clothing or footwear? If you can see a distinct area where bites stop, due to clothing, then those bites were likely caused by an outside, flying insect.
  • Are the bites localized around your ankles? If so, you may be dealing with fleas. While bed bugs can bite your ankles, they will not be localized in just that one spot.

If you need assistance identifying if you have bed bugs, feel free to reach out to us. At Active Pest Control, we know all about the bugs that get into homes. We would be happy to help solve the mystery.

Bed Bug Bites in Georgia

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