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Bed Bugs For Christmas

You have gone over your list and even checked it twice. The presents are wrapped, Christmas dinner is all planned, and the house is spotless. The only thing now is to wait for those special, invited guests to begin arriving. You have great expectations of a wonderful week celebrating Christmas with family and friends.

The one thing you haven’t taken into consideration or planned for is uninvited, unwanted, dreadful, and unwelcome guests. You haven’t counted on those disgusting hitchhiking bed bugs showing up with your guests. You certainly were not expecting to have to call for the bed bug exterminator to come to your rescue.

The fact of the matter is that bed bugs are always looking for a person or animal to land on and help them to a blood meal. They will then retreat back to their place of hiding…unless they are still on your clothing or suitcase. In that instance they simply go wherever you go…even if it is to Grandmother’s house for Christmas.

Bed bugs are nocturnal and very adept to hiding. A heavy infestation is not difficult to spot while a moderate or light infestation can be a little more difficult. Undoubtedly, the initial presence of bed bugs is not easily noticed. Bed bugs do not stay on humans like lice. They can, however, hide in clothing or the crevices of a suitcase and hitchhike to the next location. That next stopping off place may be when your guests arrive for Christmas.

It is advisable to follow preventive measures as soon as your guests depart. Examine the guest bedroom carefully. Remove all sheets and bed clothing and wash and dry using the hottest settings. Look closely at the mattress, especially along the ribbing on the edge of the mattress. Wash any small rugs that may be in the guest room or bathroom. Thoroughly vacuum the carpets and then discard the vacuum filter. In the event of hardwood floors, you will want to use a wet mop throughout the room.

Keep a close lookout for the next few days. Look for any tiny black spots of feces or any shed skins. These are obvious signs that you may need the assistance of a pest control specialist. The highly trained professionals here at AllGood Pest Solutions have the ability to detect and eliminate any bed bugs. Remember that the sooner bed bugs are detected; the easier it will be to eliminate them. When you contact Active Pest Control, you will discover that our strategy focuses on total extermination of bed bugs; not just removing them from one part of the house.

Bed Bugs For Christmas in Georgia

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