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Don Deckard, Lover of Ants

Meet Don Deckard. He loves ants. Yep, we said ants. Nope, not chocolate covered ants, not even the ants in a pet ant colony, he just loves ants. You see Don has been working for Active Pest Control for two years now and has a great knowledge and respect for these social insects. He admires things like their ability to follow each other by their scent and to carry such heavy loads. They are most certainly a unique and interesting creature.

He also knows just how frustrating it can be to have ants come into your house or make nests on your property. You see, he has five children. Five children that do not want to share their home or yard with ants. Not that his children don’t like to share, because sharing is caring and it is important, but not with ants.

Ants like to come into our houses to eat our food, drink our water and make their nests in our home. This is not OK, not with Don and not with anyone here at Active Pest Control. Ants need to be outside, in their own natural environment and away from ours. Their natural environment does not have to be our yards either. Just ask Don and he can tell you that there are plenty of other places that ants can live besides your yard or home.

Don also loves to help people, especially people that are dealing with unwanted pests. Insects, such as ants are not welcome into our homes and we certainly do not want them overtaking our yards. This is where Don enjoys stepping in. He has the knowledge, experience and professional know how to rid your home and property of ants and other pests.

Here at Active Pest Control, our pest control technicians are trained professionals who love their jobs and have intimate knowledge of their pest adversaries. If you would like ants and other pests to leave your home and yard then contact us and let us show you some love by giving you back your home and yard. And who knows, you just might get to meet Don!


Don Deckard, Lover of Ants in Georgia

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