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Fleas are an equal-opportunity employer

If you have ever had the pleasure of dealing with a flea infestation, you know how frustrating, time consuming, and maddening it can be. You can buy sprays, bathe your animals, powder the rugs, vacuum–bathe your pets again–only to find more fleas! And you may blame your flea problems on your pets. However, pets are not the only animals fleas hitchhike on. Three buildings on UTC’s campus had to be closed down for three days due to flea infestation caused by rodents. That’s right. Rodents! Measures were taken to eliminate fleas in certain areas, but the fleas just kept popping up in other places, until finally the buildings had to be closed.

Do you have signs of rodents in your home?

  1. Droppings: Rodents are prolific poopers. If you see droppings in cabinets, drawers, along baseboards, or anywhere else, you may have a rodent infestation.
  2. Noises: Squeaks, scampering noises, rustling, scraping…If you are hearing these sorts of things, especially at bedtime when nocturnal animals are becoming active, this is another good sign you have critters living in your attic or wall voids.
  3. Urine: Rodents tend to leak urine all over the place. House mice are sometimes known to make “urinating pillars,” which are little hills that are made up of grease, dirt, and urine. If you notice these or a urine smell, this is another sign that you have rodents.
  4. Holes, grease marks, or gnaw marks: If you discover food boxes that have been chewed, grease marks around small holes in your walls, or gnaw marks in food packaging, it is likely that you have rodents.
  5. Footprints: Tiny footprints can sometimes be seen in spilled flour or other powdery substances.

If you have any or all of these signs of rodent infestation, it is possible that you not only are infested with mice, rats, or some other wild creature, you are also at risk for a flea infestation. Just one of these problems can be extremely difficult to deal with, but having both rodents and fleas can be overwhelming. Once inside your home, both will reproduce rapidly.

There are things you can do to exclude rodents from getting into your home, such as sealing up holes or cracks on your exterior walls with a caulking gun, making sure all your screens and door sweeps are in good working order, keeping food sources sealed in hard plastic containers, and cleaning and vacuuming regularly so as not to offer rodents reasons to want to stay in your home.

It is possible to eliminate rodents and fleas from your home by yourself, but if you want to avoid the headache and have the job done right the first time, give us a call here at Active Pest Control. We have expert technicians and an on-staff entomologist who can make sure that your home is rodent and flea free. Period. Give us a call today.

Fleas are an equal-opportunity employer in Georgia

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