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Fruit Flies in Tennessee

I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but fruit flies seem to be everywhere this year. They have been seen swarming around kitchen counters and sinks all across Tennessee in large numbers, hovering over fruits in the local grocery store, and swarming over farm stands along the roadside. They never seem to bite – although you may feel as if they are climbing all over you just at the sight of them!

So, what exactly are these pesky, tiny flies anyway? Well, these oval shaped flies grow up to be a whopping 1/8” long with red eyes and a tan or brown body. They are prolific breeders and will reproduce anywhere they can find moist, fermenting organic materials. This may include your sink, tub, showers, or floor drains, especially if they are rarely used. They love to breed in trashcans, under leaking pipes, and under refrigerators! They will also breed in old bottles and cans that are left lying around or in and around your kitchen fruit bowls! Fruit flies just love anywhere that offers them light and moisture. No wonder we see them everywhere – They are everywhere!! These tiny, little, itty-bitty flies sure are huge nuisance!

Although not known for carrying diseases on their own, they do crawl around in decaying organic matter inside drains, trash cans, and all things gross, and then they crawl all over your counters, fruits, and vegetables with those same legs. Certainly not a very appetizing thought is it? And, where you see adult fruit flies, you can be certain that there are a whole bunch of larvae nearby just waiting to hatch! No matter how you slice it, fruit flies have got to go!

That’s where our professional pest control technicians here at Active Pest Control come in. Here at Active Pest Control, we are a family owned business, and we treat our staff and clients just like part of the family. It is our goal to offer you the same trustworthy, friendly service we would expect for our families. Making you pest free, while offering complete satisfaction to you, is our top priority. That is why we offer our pest control plans that give you the coverage that you need within your budget.

So if you are experiencing the difficult fight with fruit flies or any of the other fall pests, just give us a call. We will safely and effectively eliminate your pest issues, giving your peace of mind this fall.

Fruit Flies in Tennessee in Georgia

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