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How To Detect A Termite Infestation

Termites are scary business. They come without warning. They silently eat the wood of your home. They cause damage that can take thousands of dollars to repair. It is never good to have termites. Ever.

Here are a few tips on how you can detect these silent invaders before they do catastrophic damage to your home.

  • It may be too late to see them swarming. In fall they will come in a cloud, leaving gossamer wings all over your deck, patio, and walkways.
  • Seeing a termite is also a good indication. Many mistake termites for flying ants. If you see a winged insect that looks like a flying ant but does not have the three distinct body parts, you are looking at a termite.
  • If the snow hasn’t come yet, peel up some mulch around your foundation and see if there is any termite activity underneath.
  • Look on your foundation walls for mud tubes. Termites make these walls to protect themselves from the elements as they travel from the soil up into your wall voids.
  • If you’re lucky, you’ll see wood damage around your home, like on fences, patios, decks, clothesline poles, and other wood structures.
  • If you put your ear to a few walls, you can sometimes hear them hard at work chewing away at the wood of your house.
  • When your windows or doors start to stick, you’re in trouble. This means the damage to your home has become structural. This kind of damage is hard to fix and can cause you tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Sagging floors and bulging walls is another bad sign. This is usually when many homeowners begin to wonder if they have termites.
  • The last way is obvious, you see damage to paint, walls, and trim.

If you’re interested in protecting your home against termites, the first thing you need to do is get an inspection, even if you already got a home inspection when you purchased your home. Home inspectors are not qualified, or trained, to inspect a home for termite infestation.

Get a pest control company to install monitoring stations, or bait stations, that will kill exterior colonies before they have a chance to build a satellite colony in your walls.

Anyone who has ever dealt with a termite infestation will tell you, you can’t put a price on termite protection. It is the single most important way you can protect your investment. Look into it today.

How To Detect A Termite Infestation in Georgia

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