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Is This A Bed Bug?

If you just found a bug in your bed and you’re wondering if it is a bed bug, you’ve come to the right place. At Active Pest Control, we have experts on staff who specialize in the entomology of invertebrates that can become household pests. And, of all the invertebrates that can get into your home, bed bugs are definitely one of the worst. So, today we’re going to tackle two of the most important questions regarding these blood-eating insects.

Is This Bug A Bed Bug?

There are lots of bugs that could have climbed into bed with you. Bugs are extremely mobile creatures. Most can climb vertical surfaces. Some can walk across ceilings. And there a few that are even able to fly. Here are the four best ways to determine whether or not you’ve found bed bugs.

  • Bed bugs are small. Extremely small. A newly hatched bed bug is about the size of the tip on a pen, and nearly transparent. The only way you’re likely to see one of these is if it is clinging to your skin with blood inside its body. A fully grown bed bug will be about the size of an apple seed.
  • Color. If you have found bed bugs they can range in color depending on how old they are. Bed bugs begin as a transparent bug, and slowly become rust-colored over time.
  • Legs. Bed bugs are insects. And, like all insects, they have six legs.
  • Other signs. If you have found bed bugs in your bed, it is likely that your bed will have other signs that those bugs are bed bugs. Check your pillowcases and sheets for black fecal streaks, stains left by blood, and shed insect skins.

Where did these bed bugs come from?

If you’ve determined that you have bed bugs, the next logical question is, “Where did they come from?” There are two answers to this question.

  • Inside your home, bed bugs can be found in many places. They can be hiding inside your mattress–which is why they are called bed bugs–but they could be hiding in many other places as well: inside upholstered furniture, under your rugs, in your outlets, inside electronics, behind wall trim, and even inside wall voids.
  • Outside your home. While bed bugs dwell almost exclusively with humans, this is probably the first time they’ve dwelt with you. So, it makes sense to wonder where they came from. Bed bugs have been found infesting a wide range of man-made structures. You could have gotten them from almost anywhere.

If you live in Georgia, let the certified pest professionals here at Active Pest Control make those bed bugs dead bugs. Reach out to us for immediate assistance.

Is This A Bed Bug? in Georgia

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