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Knoxville Roach Issues And The Solution

Growing up as a child, I can still remember my Mom almost going into panic mode the moment she saw an insect that even remotely resembled a cockroach. She knew full well the difficulty of eradicating those nasty roaches. Cockroaches can be carried into the home in many ways. Used furniture from an infested house is a guarantee that you are also carrying roaches in with that couch or chair. Paper bags from the grocery store or a bag of potatoes is another way these filthy pests can be introduced to your home.

The three things cockroaches are searching for are food, water, and shelter. This makes your kitchen, cafeterias, nursing homes, schools and dormitories ideal habitats for cockroaches. Food left uncovered, dirty dishes piled up in the sink, spilled food and drinks, garbage cans full and overflowing will be sure to add to the attraction of cockroaches to your home or place of business. One of the first steps to prevention of a cockroach infestation is to remove all readily accessible sources of food. Wipe down tables and counters daily. Be sure to clean under the stove and refrigerator on a regular basis. Keep pantries and cupboards wiped down and free of food crumbs. Store all food items in pest-proof containers.

Remember, as with most other pests, cockroaches cannot survive without water. Check under sinks and bathrooms for any leaking water or drain lines. Condensation on exposed cold water lines provides more than enough water for them. Wrap these lines with insulated foam pipe covers. Even wet sponges are able to sustain cockroaches and provide their need for moisture.

Cockroaches are rather repulsive looking and certainly not something with which you would want to share your kitchen. They are also a health concern due to the fact that they can cause severe allergic reactions and are known to carry many diseases.

Roaches are also very resilient. While a thorough cleaning of your home and kitchen area is a must, this doesn’t mean that you are free from roaches. A cockroach can continue living for three months without food. They are also able to hide in dark, damp places in the garage, basement and other places where boxes and clutter are available.

Over the counter products are very ineffective and will drastically delay the eradication of these tenacious pests. These “solutions” will, at best, only eliminate the visible roaches. The best solution is to contact Active Pest Control and let them customize a cockroach control program that will fit your personal needs. Active Pest Control is all you need if you are experiencing problems with cockroaches. Their plan will also prevent future issues with cockroaches.

If cockroaches have moved into your home or business or if you just want to make sure that they don’t, give us a call here at Active Pest Control and we will get and keep your home roach proof!

Knoxville Roach Issues And The Solution in Georgia

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