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How to Prevent Pantry Pest Problems

How to Prevent Pantry Pest Problems in Atlanta GA - Active Pest Control

Have you ever gone to the pantry to get your favorite snack and been bombarded by moths the second you open the door? This could very well be an indication you are dealing with stored product pests, also known as pantry pests. If you have stored product pests in the pantry that is not an indication that you, or the food items you bought, are rancid. These pests are everywhere and there is no perfect way to keep them out of our homes, businesses, cars, or even our food.

As the name implies stored product pests feed on a wide range of stored products like grains, oats, tobacco, spices, dried fruits/veggies, and even pet food. Although pantry pests aren’t the most dangerous pest problem, they’re still a major nuisance that no one wants to deal with. To help prevent them, read on for the best tips from the experts at Active Pest Control!

Types of Pantry Pests

There are several types of insects that are considered to be pantry pests. The most common ones we deal with here in the Atlanta GA area includes:

Pantry Pest Problem Prevention

While stored product pests can sometimes seemingly appear out of nowhere, there are thankfully a few things you can do to help prevent them: 

  1. Securely store dry goods. To keep pests out, always store food and baking ingredients in airtight containers.
  2. Place bay leaves in containers. Sticking a bay leaf inside canisters of dry goods like flour, rice, and other grains may help to repel pests.
  3. Inspect your groceries. At the grocery store and before bringing them indoors, check your purchased goods for any signs of damage or use.
  4. Check expiration dates. Before you use your ingredients from a year or two ago, make sure to check the expiration date and toss any expired items.
  5. Keep a clean kitchen. Always wipe up spills or messes to avoid attracting pests, and clean out your pantry regularly.

How to Get Rid of Stored Product Pests

A good indicator that you may have an issue with these stored product pests is finding spiders living in the pantry, since many species feed on these pests. If you find food with webbing or insects present, take it outdoors to throw it away immediately. Be sure you take it to an outdoor trash can.

If you already have an existing infestation, then it is time to call pest management professionals. Locating the stored products that have the infestation can be a rather difficult task. Our pest professionals are specifically taught how to examine and locate all the products in your pantry that have an infestation. In addition, they are trained on any and all applications that need to be made and how to keep the pests away for good. Contact us today!

How to Prevent Pantry Pest Problems in Georgia

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