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Professional Pest Control vs DIY

There are basically three categories of pests that can invade your Atlanta home: nuisance pests, dangerous pests, and destructive pests. I know, I know, pests are pests and you really don’t want any in your home! I agree! No pest is a good pest – ever! However, understanding the dangers these pests pose and the stress they cause is the first step in deciding what to do about controlling them.

  1. Nuisance pests such as silverfish, box elder bugs, stink bugs, and moles are merely that – a nuisance! They don’t typically cause any illness in humans and they do not destroy the structure of your home. They do, however, cause a high degree of stress as you try to get rid of them; and, in the case of bed bugs in particular, they can cause embarrassment and emotional strain. Even though they really pose no danger to you, they are definitely unwanted house guests!
  2. Dangerous pests such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, rodents, venomous spiders, cockroaches, and some bees actually have the potential to cause illness to humans and pets. While the degree of illness incurred varies widely depending on the pest, these pests are ones you definitely want far from you and your family. There is no compromise when it comes to dangerous pests – getting them out and keeping them out is the only option!
  3. Destructive pests such as termites, carpenter ants, mice, and squirrels can actually compromise the integrity of your home. These pests either ‘eat’ wood, burrow through it, or constantly chew it to control the growth of their teeth. In the case of mice and rats, they actually will chew wires causing a huge fire risk! All of them pose a danger to the structure of your home and most insurance carriers won’t cover the cost of repairs caused by them. None of the pests in this category can be allowed to gain access to your home!

It is pretty easy to see that no matter which category of pest you are dealing with, the answer is the same: get rid of them! The only question is, “How?” There are so many ‘over the counter’ DIY products that claim to be effective. How on earth do you know which one to buy? And, how on earth do you know for sure that they will work? Are they even safe? So many questions! The truth is, these products contain dangerous chemicals, and if not mixed or applied properly, they can cause serious harm. On top of that, many of these products do not have the ‘reach’ needed to find their way to the center of your infestation – mainly the nest! They may kill some of the pests that are on the surface, they may even kill a few that are just behind the baseboard and happen to be there exactly when you spray; but they will not reach all the way into the ‘bowels’ of your home to eliminate the entire colony. It’s kind of like putting a band aid on a broken bone! It won’t really help.

The best, safest and surest option is calling a pest control specialist like the experts here at Active Pest Control. Our pest control specialists have received extensive training in the various products we use and in their proper use and application. They know exactly how to find and properly identify the type, scope, and location of your infestation; and they know exactly how to safely and quickly eliminate it. We are a family owned and operated company with a vested interest in the communities we serve, are QualityPro certified, and are one of the top 25 pest control companies in the whole country! It’s that kind of tried and tested service that allows you to have the utmost confidence that your pest issues will be dealt with safely and effectively. We guarantee it!

Professional Pest Control vs DIY in Georgia

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