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Squirrels In Your Macon Home

While summer is a time to relax, it is also a time to pay attention to all the insect and animal pests that plague us. Flies find their way in through open doors, spiders invade our cellars, and ants squeeze in through every little crack they can find. But while we are paying attention to keeping these insect invaders out, we may not stop and think about squirrels. Yup, oftentimes squirrels are looking for a way into our homes as well.

Squirrels, like other rodents, will seek shelter in attics and wall voids, if they can find a way in. Once a nest is established, they can cause quite a headache, especially if they have little ones. Rodents never stop chewing because their incisors never stop growing so, if they get into your home, they will chew on everything from wood and insulation to treasured keepsakes and electrical wiring. It is simply not a good idea to allow squirrels, or rodents of any kind, to get into your home.

Tips to keeping squirrels out:

  • Trim trees away from your home 6 to 8 feet so that animals cannot reach these areas easily. You can also cover wires that go to your house with plastic piping that is slit open on one side. If a squirrel attempts to traverse the wire, the pipe will rotate and the little pest will slide right off.
  • Place wire mesh inside your downspouts to prevent critters from accessing your roof areas in this way.
  • Keep attic windows and other openings either closed or equipped with sturdy screens that are in good condition.
  • Screen attic vents with 1/4 inch galvanized hardware cloth.
  • If your home has vinyl siding, be sure that caps are installed at the bases of the corner pieces.
  • Put screens over dryer and bathroom vents. (Note: use care in screening dryer vents. If lint clogs, it can be a fire hazard.)
  • Be sure that your chimney has a cap on it.

If you are already dealing with a squirrel or two that has gotten into your home, please note that it is never a good idea to try to remove a wild animal on your own. Squirrels can be dangerous if cornered, especially if they are protecting young ones. Squirrels are best dealt with by teaming up with a professional pest control company like Active Pest Control. We have the proper tools, education, and experience to safely and effectively remove squirrels from your home. Let us take care of your pest problems so you can enjoy the summer around your Macon home.

Squirrels In Your Macon Home in Georgia

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