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Tennessee Moths

You may have noticed those flittery, fluttery moths break dancing all around your outside lights at night and not ever given them a thought. They are so common that they just seem like part of the scenery by now. You never even really stop to consider much about them, but did you know that they can cause extensive damage if allowed to sneak into your home?

That’s right! There are two primary types of moth that you are likely to encounter here in Tennessee that are known predators of the clothes and soft goods that you treasure. These hungry beasties won’t think twice about munching a hole into your Michael Kors woolen jacket, or snacking on the Vera Wang hanging in the back of your closet.

So, here’s the 411 on these destructive, little moths.

Webbing Clothes Moth: This moth is the most common in the U.S. The adult moth is buff to golden in color with a tuft of red hair on its head. The larvae stage of this moth forms silk webbing wherever they feed. You probably won’t even notice them until you see the webs attached to your favorite sweater and the holes and geometric grazing patterns running across it. Your clothes and fabrics that are keratin-based are their choice menu items. This includes garments made from wool, fur, and hair of animal origin. They typically will not feed on any plant-based materials.

Casemaking Clothes Moth: This moth is second only to the Webbing Clothes Moth in numbers and is equal in ability to cause damage to your soft goods. The adult moth is also buff to golden in color, but has a more distinctive brown tone to it. Rather than a red tuft on its head, this moth has three dark spots on the front of its wings. The larvae stage of this moth spins a silken tube that it carries around with it, and attaches to fabrics and materials that are either keratin-based or plant based. Their favorite munchies include: tobacco, herbs, spices, hemp, and furs.

The best way to avoid costly repairs or expensive replacement of your favorite clothes is to be sure that you use proper storage methods. Clean your clothing before you store them. Moths are attracted to semi-soiled materials. Also be sure to seal clothing in airtight bags to ensure that moths do not have access to them. With proper identification and treatment, you can avoid having your Pierre Cardin on the menu this fall.

If you are dealing with moths or any other pest infestation, be sure to call the experts here at Active Pest Control for help. Our pest control plans are set up to help you avoid pests while fitting into your budget. With a year round plan, your pest worries will be nothing more than a past nightmare. Let our courteous, professional technicians help you protect your home and clothing investments. Call today for your inspection and begin your personalized pest control treatment so you too will look lovely in your perfectly preserved pest-free* fall colors.


Tennessee Moths in Georgia

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