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Termite Letters In Knoxville

Imagine. It was a process that took months. You had to get a real estate agent. You had to get pre-approval for how much you could afford. You examined all of the properties your real estate agent emailed. You spend hours examining house options with online tools. And after visiting a dozen houses, you finally found the perfect one. It was right near the perfect school to send your kids. It was close enough to your work so you wouldn’t have to deal with too much traffic. It even had a park nearby. It was absolutely perfect! You got with the owners. You got with the agents. You signed all the paperwork. You took care of all the details of getting your stuff moved into your new home. It was a lot of work, but it was finally done. Then the unimaginable.

While you were in the basement, getting ready to do your first load of laundry in your new house, you noticed something strange in the exposed beams above. It looked like packed mud. You broke a piece off and crumbled it in your hand. Strange. Very strange. But you shrugged it off. A week later, while doing another load of laundry, you noticed that the packed mud was back. What on Earth? So you did a search online for what would cause mud on basement rafters and learned that it could be subterranean termites!

The online resource suggested tapping the rafters with the handle of a screwdriver to see if the wood sounded hollow. You did, and they did! There were several that did. You stabbed at the wood with the tip of the screwdriver and it splintered easily. What had you gotten yourself into? After an inspection from a certified termite control specialist, you learned that your new home was filled with termites. You also learned that there is no legal recourse. The previous owners claim that they didn’t know they had termites. And the house had been checked out by a certified home inspector. Now you’re paying for a home you don’t even live in, and hoping you’ll be able to earn enough money to eventually fix all of the termite damage…

This is not your story. It happened to someone else. But something similar could happen to you if you don’t take measures to protect yourself.

A Termite Letter Protects Everyone

While a termite letter is designed to protect a home seller and is often suggested by a realtor during the selling process, it also protects the buyer. It is a letter of intent, drawn up by a certified termite inspector, that details what was found during the inspection process, and what services the termite company will provide over a set course of time, should any termites be discovered.

Don’t buy a home without this layer of protection. The last thing anyone needs is to buy into a money pit. For assistance with a termite letter, reach out to Active Pest Control for immediate assistance.

Termite Letters In Knoxville in Georgia

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