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The Importance Of Termite Inspections

Home purchases are always one of life’s highlights and certainly a fun adventure.  There is something about owning your own home that brings a feeling of satisfaction unequaled by any other experience.  The purchase of a home also brings a level of responsibility with it that should not be ignored or slighted.  For example, upkeep and repairs are of utmost importance.  Proper insurance coverage is a given and even required by most lending institutions.
There is another area that should be discussed even prior to a purchase and that is securing the services of a termite inspector. This is one area in which timing is of the essence and, in the event of termites being discovered, the sooner they are found the better the chance of minimal damage.
Homeowners have a real advantage when it comes to termite inspections.  Here at Active Pest Control we offer a free inspection consisting of our experienced termite control technicians examining and evaluating your situation.  Then we will recommend a plan that will safely and efficiently take care of any termite issues.
It is important for homeowners to realize that termites are wood-devouring and wood-destroying insects.  These silent destroyers are capable of damaging the structural supports of the home, compromising the physical integrity of such.  They have also been known to damage the non-structural areas of the home including drywall, paneling, carpet and even furniture.  Some effects of termites in the home may include sagging floors, pinpoint holes in drywall, bubbling paint, damaged and crumbling wood trim and loose tiles.
One cannot over-emphasize the importance of a thorough termite inspection.  A home damaged by termites often looks no different on the surface than a home without a termite infestation.  Many times, nests of termites are hidden inside walls for years as they methodically eat away at the structure from the inside, leaving a paper-thin outer shell.  Termite inspectors are proficient at discovering the infestation long before it can be seen by the untrained eye.  This early detection is of vital importance to minimize the risk of heavy and costly damage.  It is also highly recommended that homeowners schedule annual inspections by termite control specialists.
The mission of Active Pest Control is to assure you that you need not worry about whether your home is protected from unwanted animals and insects.  Our experienced pest control professionals will create a plan that is tailored specifically to your home and will create a pest-free environment that gives you peace of mind.  We provide a recommended quarterly service that gives you year round protection from all common household pests, rodent control, termite colony elimination systems and any re-service at no additional charge.  Be sure to contact us today for optimal inspections, coverage, treatments, and exclusion services.

The Importance Of Termite Inspections in Georgia

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