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The Unwanted House Guest

You awaken during the night in need of a drink of water.  Getting up and heading to the kitchen you notice sudden movement as you turn on the light.  Something darted across the floor, diving under the stove.  There is something else dashing across the counter disappearing in a crack between the wall and counter-top.  Suddenly the dreadful thought penetrates your tired brain—you have cockroaches!

How can this be?  You keep your house spotlessly clean!  What will your friends think?  Let’s look at some facts regarding roaches before you worry yourself into a state of anxiety and embarrassment.  Cockroaches are not an automatic sign of a dirty house.  While keeping a clean house will reduce the chance of roach invasion, it is a misconception to think that roaches will only look for filth, clutter, and dirty homes.  Just remember that there are mainly three things that attract roaches; food, water, and shelter.  Of those three, food is the greatest attraction for cockroaches.

Cockroaches are disgusting and repulsive.  The very thought of an infestation of roaches is enough to make one shudder.  This isn’t totally undeserved.  There are multiple health problems that arise when a home is infested with these nasty bugs.  They will contaminate food, dishes, counter-tops and anything else they may touch.  Human pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli are often spread by cockroaches resulting in food poisoning, diarrhea, and other human diseases.  Feces, saliva, and shed skins combined become a source of allergens.  This brings an additional problem of allergies to children and people with asthmatic issues.

There are very few places that are exempt from the threat of cockroach infestation.  They can be found in homes, restaurants, offices, break rooms, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and just about any place that people and food exist.  Cockroaches can be introduced into a home or other location in grocery bags, boxes, and even someone’s luggage.  Corrugated cardboard boxes are a very good location for roaches to hide.  They can burrow down in the corrugated ribbing to hide, deposit eggs, etc.  It is best to remove boxes from your home as soon as you unpack the items.

The reason why proper sanitation and cleanliness is a great weapon to fight cockroach infestation is that it automatically removes food crumbs, food and drink spills, and sources of other sources of food.  Do not let food sit out overnight; place the food in the refrigerator or in pest-proof containers.  Keep the area under the stove, in cracks, and in the pantry vacuumed.  Remove garbage regularly and keep the containers clean.

In addition to eliminating food sources, check all faucets and water pipes for leaks or drops of condensation.  Even the smallest droplets of water would be sufficient to sustain a roach.  Repair leaks as needed.  Any waterlines where condensation exists can be covered with inexpensive pipe insulation tubes.

The moment you see any sign of cockroaches, contact Active Pest Control.  Active Pest Control specialists can customize a cockroach control plan to fit the unique needs of your home.  We will also equip you with a prevention service plan to prevent any future issues with roaches.

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