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Wasps & Hornets: Prevent Infestations, Protect Your Family

This time of year, the pest control experts at Active Pest Control deal with numerous complaints of wasp and hornet nests on homeowners’ property. You may not know there are several ways to protect yourself from these creatures and prevent them from becoming problematic pests. Your friends at Active Pest Control want to educate you on a few ways to help stop these winged nuisances before they become unwelcome neighbors on your property.

Keep food sources outside your yard

It’s tempting to send the kids outside with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all summer long, but doing this on a regular basis is bound to attract hornets and wasps. Particularly, food items with sugar, including fruit juices, can cause wasps and hornets to invite themselves over for a free meal.

Another potential food source for these creatures is your trash, so make sure to keep your trashcans tightly sealed so they can’t get in and establish nests nearby.

Seal up cracks on the side of your home and patch up loose siding

To prevent infestations, seal up cracks in your home and patch up loose siding. Wasps and hornets like to find these crevices and build nests there, and sometimes they can ultimately end up entering your home through these tiny holes.

Once wasps or hornets get inside your home you will most certainly need immediate assistance from a pest control specialist to help rid them from your home.

Do not try to remove them on your own

If your prevention efforts aren’t working and wasps form a nest in your home, do not try to remove it on your own. Doing so could anger the wasps and cause them so swarm, which could result in painful stings all over your body.

Instead, contact a pest control expert like the ones at Active Pest Control to combat these creatures. Our specialists have years of training in helping to stop and prevent wasp and hornet infestations, so please contact us via our contact form to request an appointment.

Wasps & Hornets: Prevent Infestations, Protect Your Family in Georgia

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