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When In Rome Live Without Mosquitoes

The phrase, “When in Rome …” has an illustrious history. It has been spoken by many throughout the ages and has adopted quite a few meanings. But, if you look at all of many ways this phrase can be taken, and you boil them all down, you come away with one basic meaning: No matter where you find yourself, try to fit in. In Ancient Rome, “fitting in” meant engaging in all manner of excess. But in Rome Georgia, let’s see if we can make it mean something else.

Mosquitoes have been around for a very very long time, and swatting mosquitoes is nothing new. What is somewhat new is the threat mosquitoes pose. Though they have been able to carry and transmit viruses and diseases for centuries, it is only in this modern age that they have been able to affect large geographical areas. This is because there are more people in the world.

When the world was young and the gaps between towns were great, mosquitoes did not generally carry a virus from one town to the next. These insects do not typically travel farther than 100 yards in their entire life. But with the population of the earth exceeding 7 billion, there are fewer gaps between towns, and mosquitoes can pass viruses from house to house, town to town, and state to state, in a sort of relay race. One picks it up and drops it off. Then another picks it up and drops it off.

More and more towns across the United States are learning that mosquitoes are not an inevitable fact of life, but that mosquito abatement can reduce this insect’s ability to spread illness. What if residents in Rome, Georgia worked together to stamp out mosquitoes? Could we show the rest of the country what a mosquito-free town looks like? Could we be known for this?

Mosquito abatement can work in a single yard. It can work in a single neighborhood. It can significantly reduce mosquitoes in a community. An entire town can be protected if enough homes and businesses get involved. Let it be said, “When in Rome, live without mosquitoes.” It is possible. All it takes is enough residents believing that they can make a difference.

When In Rome Live Without Mosquitoes in Georgia

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