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Why Mice Will Not Leave on Their Own

If you lived outside in the cold where there were dangers around every corner, and someone allowed you to come inside into a nice cozy den, would you want to stay? How about if they brought you food and water and kept your area nice and warm all winter? Would that make you want to hang around? If you said, “Yes,” then you should know that mice feel the same way. If your home is open and inviting and provides everything a mouse needs, then that mouse will be more than happy to set up housekeeping right inside your attic or wall voids.

Why Do Mice Enter Homes?

Mice, like all animals, are drawn to three basic things: shelter, food, and water. If your yard has lots of shelter, places to hide inside or under, then mice will be drawn in. If there are places to hide right up close to your foundation, like thick bushes or items, then they may come right in close. If there are food and water sources near your home, they will love you for it. And if there are areas in your foundation or walls where there are holes where they can squeeze into your nice warm basement, wall voids or attic, then they will love you even more.

Problems In Homes Caused By Mice

Being scared out of your wits and jumping up on a chair because there is a mouse loose in the kitchen is only the beginning of your worries if mice have infested your home. Mice, like all rodents, chew on anything and everything. This not only can damage the home itself, but it can be damaging to stored belongings, and could possibly cause a house fire if an electrical wire is chewed. Not only do mice chew, but they are possible vectors of several diseases and they also carry parasites. Mites, fleas, and ticks bring a whole new set of problems into the home.

Once Inside Mice Do Not Want To Leave

If a mouse or several mice have found their way inside, they will come and go freely, but it is unlikely that they will ever move their nests back outside, even in springtime when the weather warms up. If mice are cozy in their nests and have plenty of food and water in your home, they will not want to leave. One other reason they will be happy to stay inside your home is the protection your home provides from natural predators. In nature, mice will hide inside holes in trees, or underneath logs, or in any other place that provides protection. What better place is there to hide than a nice cozy attic space, wall void or crawl space?

How To Remove Mice From Your Home

While there are a number of steps you can take to try to keep mice from invading your home, once they are established, they can be very difficult to completely eradicate. Mice multiply quickly and can learn to avoid traps. To know for sure that all the mice have been safely removed and that no additional mice are going to make their way in, it is best to employ the help of a professional pest control company. For problems with mice, or any other household pest, reach out to Active Pest Control today.

Why Mice Will Not Leave on Their Own in Georgia

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