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Yellow Jackets & Wasps in Georgia

The arrival of summer is a bit like welcoming back an old friend. So many memories are made during this season – days at the pool or beach, eating your weight in barbecue and peaches at the Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival and spending time right in your backyard. Of course some memories have a little sting to them. We’re talking about hornets, yellow jackets and other stinging insects that also show up.

Dealing with stinging insects in Georgia is nothing new. Though they have their merits (you know, eating other insects or in the case of bees, pollinating our crops and flowers), there is a reason we often liken a bad situation to stepping into a hornet’s nest.

For the most part yellow jackets and hornets are relatively peaceful towards us. If you stay out of their way, they’ll likely reciprocate. If you threaten them, however, be prepared to run or face a sting (or several). Oftentimes, dads rouse these pests when using the lawn mower or other loud equipment or kids come too close to a nest.

So how do you avoid stinging encounters. As with any pest, knowledge is the best way to protect your family’s health and safety. Yellow jackets are often mistaken for bees because they also have yellow and black stripes. One notable difference, they do not have the fuzzy, round appearance that bees do. Their bodies are smoother and narrower. For the most part, yellow jackets are ground-nesters but yellow jackets nests have been found in eaves, under porches, bushes and even in wall voids. Bald-faced hornets are long, lean stinging pests with pinched waists. They are mostly black with white faces and build their nests off the ground in shrubs, on houses and other buildings.

A sting from either of these pests may result in a welt and some discomfort. For those who are allergic, the reaction may be significantly more and require medical attention. An important attribute to note, both yellow jackets and hornets have the ability to sting more than once and if that occurs, children, elderly and others may experience more severe symptoms. If you’ve been stung by one of these guys and are not experiencing life-threatening symptoms, you can grab an ice pack for the swelling. Over-the-counter medicines like Acetaminophen may also help with pain but we encourage you to talk to your doctor before administering any kind of pain relief. We’re pest people not medical professionals.

If you discover a nest near your home, please walk away and leave it where it is. Contact Active Pest Control for help removing the nest. Our pest control professionals have the knowledge and tools to safely take care of yellow jackets, hornets and other stinging pests. Don’t take chances with your family’s health, enjoy your summer and call us if you find stinging insects taking over your property!

Yellow Jackets & Wasps in Georgia in Georgia

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