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Zika Virus In Atlanta

In 2015, Atlanta had the distinguished honor of, once again, being added to the list of top mosquito cities in the United States. So, where did we rank in this list of 50 cities across this great land of ours? Did we make it into the top 10? We sure did! Not only did we make the top ten, we were number one! And, not only were we number one in 2015, we were number one for the two years before that. There is no doubt about it, Atlanta is number one. And, with the looming threat of a Zika virus outbreak here in the state, this has agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention watching Atlanta closely.

This is a virus that causes microcephaly in unborn babies at all stages of pregnancy. Microcephaly is a congenital condition that is characterized by an abnormal smallness of the head and incomplete brain development. For expecting mothers, this is a scary virus.

Reasons to not worry about Zika virus:

  • For 80% of those infected with the Zika virus, there are no noticeable symptoms. That means the vast majority of people don’t have to fear this virus like they would West Nile virus or malaria.
  • Zika is also not currently known to be spreading through local mosquito populations here in the United States. Cases that have been reported are from people who have recently been to other countries where Zika virus is rampant.

Reasons to be worried about Zika virus:

  • Since 80% of those infected with Zika don’t show symptoms and those that do will not likely admit themselves to a healthcare facility, Zika has the potential to spread great distances before it is detected.
  • This is not a virus pregnant women should take lightly. It is wise to take strong precautions to prevent mosquito bites if you are currently with child or attempting to become pregnant.
  • Atlanta’s high mosquito rating is an extra reason to be worried. More mosquitoes mean more chance of getting Zika or other mosquito-borne viruses. If you live in Atlanta, it is vital to learn all the many ways that mosquito bites can be prevented and to take a moment to develop an understanding of the importance of mosquito abatement.

At Active Pest Control, we work with homeowners, business owners, and municipalities to employ mosquito abatement in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. We encourage you to consider these services to help us reduce mosquito populations in our city and make Atlanta a safer place for all of us to live–and get ourselves off the list of top mosquito cities, for good. Now that would be something to be proud of.

Zika Virus In Atlanta in Georgia

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