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There’s nothing more annoying than having a bunch of flies buzzing around your room at night or pestering you while you make a meal in the kitchen. Flies play an important role in their local ecosystems, but much more so when they’re outside where they belong. They are also known to spread dangerous diseases like Salmonella and E. coli, so it is in your best interest to have a fly exterminator rid them from your home as soon as you can.

At Active Pest Control, we understand that thorough fly control can be the difference between feeling at ease in your home or constantly stressed. Read on for our advice on when to call a fly exterminator for your property!

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Types of Flies in Atlanta GA

Active’s Fly Pest Control Process

Thorough Inspection

If flies are taking over your home, we will send out one of our fly exterminators to assess your property for vulnerabilities and fly-attracting factors.

Complete Treatment

Once the source of the outbreak has been found, we will figure out the best fly removal strategies to implement, using EPA-approved fly control products and thoroughly tested exclusion techniques.

Prevention Services

After the first treatment is complete, our team of fly exterminators will keep in touch with you to help you avoid fly problems going forward.

When to Call a Fly Exterminator

Whether you can’t keep flies out of your kitchen or can’t figure out how they keep getting into your room, the fly removal team at Active Pest Control can help. We are proud to offer the best fly pest control in Atlanta GA, complete with licensed, certified technicians and the safest, most efficient fly control tactics available. Contact us today for a free quote!

100% Satisfaction

If you develop a pest problem while under our protection, Active Pest Control will work to resolve the issue, guaranteed. We provide free callbacks if problems arise between scheduled appointments.

Free Inspection

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Fly Control in Georgia

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