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Will Mosquitoes Bite Through Clothing?

With mosquito season upon us, you may be preparing for the months of preparing yourself for mosquitoes every time you leave the house. From wearing covered clothing to applying insect repellent, there are endless tips and tricks to try to prevent a mosquito bite. But what if those long sleeves and pants aren’t enough to keep a mosquito from biting you? Unfortunately, mosquitoes are sometimes able to bite right through your clothing. Certain fabrics don’t hold up against their proboscis, a needle-like beak that is used to pierce the skin.

At Active Pest Control, we know how concerning a mosquito bite can be for you and your family. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about preventing mosquito bites—no matter what clothes you’re wearing.

How Do Mosquitoes Bite Through Clothes?

To bite us, mosquitoes use their long proboscis to pierce our skin. This mouthpart consists of a system of tubes used to pierce the skin, draw blood, and exchange it with saliva. This complex proboscis is capable of piercing through several fabrics, including cotton, linen, spandex, rayon, silk, and any other lightweight material. In rare cases, mosquitoes can even pierce through denim. That said, mosquitoes continue to favor locating exposed skin for their feeding activities.

Tips to Stop Mosquitoes from Biting Through Clothing

The unfortunate truth is that, when necessary, mosquitoes will absolutely bite through your clothes. However, there are some ways you can stop them in their tracks. The best tips to keep mosquitoes from biting you through your clothes are to:

  1. Opt for wearing clothing made with tightly woven fabrics. Options include nylon, polyester, corduroy, and thick denim. While these may be unfavorable for warmer Atlanta summers, they will nonetheless act as a deterrent to mosquitoes.
  2. Opt for loose-fitting clothing as opposed to tight-fitting. Clothes that aren’t pressed right up against your skin will make it more difficult for the mosquito to pierce through your clothing and immediately get to your skin!
  3. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, apply mosquito repellent containing DEET to your clothing. When applied to clothing, this works to keep mosquitoes away from you in the first place.

How to Keep Mosquitoes From Biting

To fully enjoy your outdoor living space without the worry of mosquito bites, it’s best to team up with your local mosquito control experts. When you enlist the help of our team at Active Pest Control, we will inspect your yard to pinpoint potential mosquito breeding sites in your property and implement preventative measures to keep infestations from starting. Contact us today to get started!

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