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Earth Day And Pest Control

At Active Pest Control, we take pride in the dedication our team has shown in the development of green solutions. Through the years, we have gone to great lengths to develop methods that target pests in a way that requires the least amount of chemical product. We don’t think that trading one health or safety issue for another is a good way to do pest control. When safe, eco-friendly methods are employed, everyone wins. In celebration of Earth Day, we would like to share with you a few ways we keep Lawrenceville homes and businesses safe from the harmful and destructive effects of pests, through the use of smarter, safer pest solutions.

While it is perfectly acceptable and understandable to use a chemical barrier to keep destructive termites from damaging man-made structures, we’ve found a better way. With Sentricon® System, our technicians are able to directly target and control termites with zero impact to the environment, and without the need for drilling or trenching. This is a targeted approach that takes into consideration the behavior of subterranean termite workers. Some really smart scientists realized that termite workers never stop searching for new food sources, even when a source is found, and that this would ensure that they would find bait left out for them in bait stations. They also learned from their studies how to develop a bait that is scientifically proven to be more desirable to termites than wood. Beyond this, they learned that the agent inside the bait needed to work slowly to kill termites, so workers would be able to bring it deep into the invading colony, without warning the queen of danger. At every turn, they used education as a tool to defeat those termites.

We use this philosophy with all the pests we treat for. The famous tactician Sun Tzu says that we should know our enemy as well as we know ourselves. This is as true today as it was centuries ago.

We understand that pests are attracted to water sources and that removing areas of standing water can deter them.

We know that spider infestations increase when populations of flying insects are greater. Thus, reducing flying insects has a direct impact in the control of spiders.

We know where pests make their nests, and what measures will deter them.

We are aware that bugs and wild animals eat things we do not, and that proper sanitation is key in pest management

Just like those smart people who invented Sentricon®, we continually train and educate ourselves on the habits and habitats of pest creatures, so that we can employ the most effective measures to keep them from causing harm to humans, pets, and property. For us, it is all about safe and effective pest control. Saving the Earth is just a side benefit.

Earth Day And Pest Control in Georgia

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