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Most homeowners encountering their first bat issue have no idea what to do. And that makes sense! Bat infestations are unique problems that can’t be boxed in with other kinds of pest problems. Whether you’ve just discovered bats in your shed, awning, or attic for the first time or you’re looking to get ahead of recurring intrusions, it’s best to leave the work to professional bat removal experts.

At Active Pest Control, we take the time and effort to train our technicians to handle bats safely and remove them effectively. Our team will work with you to develop a bat removal plan that suits your property and unique needs. 

Bat Pest Control Tips

The Active Pest Control bat removal team recommends the following to deter bats:

  1. Close off entry points. Bats are always on the lookout for safe, dark places to take shelter. We have removed bats from awnings, chimneys, attics, crawl spaces, sheds, and more here in Atlanta. Make sure your doors and windows seal tightly and use screens wherever necessary.
  2. Set diversions. You can use a floodlight to drive bats away from a potential hiding place with light. Aluminum foil, ornaments, mirrors, and essential oils all have the ability to drive bats away. You might also consider hanging up a layer of thin mesh to trap them when they try to fly in.

Our Bat Exterminators Keep Bats Away For Good

Any dark, sheltered spaces in our homes and businesses are susceptible to being taken over by bats. What’s worse, once they’re already there, it’s much more of a hassle to try to get rid of them than it would have been to put proper preventative measures in place. To keep bats out of the structures on your property, you have to eliminate vulnerabilities and make the space less attractive to them. 

Bat Control Services for YOUR HOME

Our Bat Removal Process

Safe, effective, and environmentally responsible plans are necessary for developing sustainable bat control practices. With over 45 years of experience, you can be sure that your family is in good hands when we take care of your bat removal needs.

Our bat exterminators will take the following steps to keep your family and home safe from bats:

  • Thorough inspection: If you have a bat problem, our bat control technicians will conduct a complete property inspection to determine the sources of the outbreak and all of the infested areas.
  • Bat removal: Once the root of the problem has been discovered, our bat exterminators will implement safe and effective bat pest control strategies pertinent to the nature of your infestation.
  • Prevention services: After the treatment is done, our bat control team will provide you with a number of prevention tactics you can take on your own to ensure that the bats don’t come back.

Georgia’s Best Bat Control Experts

When to Call an Exterminator For Bat Control

If you’ve tried everything you can think of to prevent or remove bats from your home to no avail, it’s time to reach out to your local pest control company. The bat removal experts at Active Pest Control have years of experience dealing with bat infestations in Georgia homes and businesses. We are ready to help make your bat problems a thing of the past—contact us today to get started!

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We really appreciate that Jeff is always on time! He always wears show covers from before the pandemic. Gives us an explanation of what he is doing makes us comfortable. Thank you so much, he is wonderful!

– Chihiro Oguchi

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