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As the seasons shift, so do the pests trying to get in your home. Protect yourself and everyone inside with seasonal pest control tailored to combat the pest landscape in Georgia. With our comprehensive range of seasonal services, our skilled exterminators are equipped to tackle any infestation head-on. Ensuring your home remains pest-reduced all year contributes to a more calm and enjoyable space. 

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How Does Seasonal Pest Control Work?

Our experts figure out exactly how to make the most impact on seasonal pests with their knowledge of pest biology and behavior. Using a variety of tactics and tools specific to your home pests, they target these seasonal pests at the right moment to prevent future infestations. 

Our seasonal pest experts design their services in the following ways:

  • Insecticide Spraying
  • Year-Round Home Treatments
  • Crawl Space Moisture Control
  • TAP® Insulation
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Trapping
  • Pest Control Packages

Understanding pest threats along with each season is key to effective year-round pest control. Having an in-depth understanding of how to deploy seasonal pest treatments can create long-lasting results – from winter pests seeking warmth to active summer pests that thrive in the sun. We help you achieve peace of mind in all seasons!

Seasonal Pest Control for YOUR HOME

Common Seasonal Pests in Georgia

While certain pests are always around, many appear worse at particular times throughout the year. Tackling these seasonal nuisances is a common hurdle for homeowners. 

Georgia’s warmer weather prevents pests from fully hibernating in the winter – so pest control differs from other U.S. states. These warmer conditions also increase the reproductive cycle for pest species, meaning you’ll likely see more of them, especially in the summer. More humid conditions are also favorable for certain pests like mosquitoes.

Anticipate encountering these pests during the corresponding seasons:

Spring Pests

Reducing pest infestations is best done in the spring. Pests are more active and start reproducing with spring’s warmer weather. But pests don’t stand a chance to get themselves established when you bring on seasonal pest services from Active Pest Control.

Keep an eye out for these pests in Georgia:

  • Birds: To keep up with one of their main food sources (insects), birds become active in the spring. They’re also considered a nuisance because they clog gutters and cause water damage from their nest building.
  • Fire Ants: Fire ants are particularly prevalent in Georgia and become more active in the spring months, similar to other southern U.S. states.
  • House Centipedes: House centipedes like dark and moist areas. Known for their numerous legs and speed, these pests can spread quickly if not addressed promptly.
  • Millipedes: Millipedes are a huge nuisance in your home and may infest your home in large numbers during heavy rain.
  • Snakes: Snakes are more active during the day with spring’s wetter weather and warmer temperatures – although typically nocturnal.
  • Termites: Termites are notorious for damaging wooden structures in homes, and are more active in the spring.

Summer Pests

The humidity in Georgia’s summers is ideal for many pests, so it’s when they thrive the most. Pests reproduce quickly when there’s an abundance of food, which is brought on by summer’s warmer temperatures.

These common summer pests are covered by our seasonal pest control services:

  • Bed Bugs: Watch out for bed bugs in the summer, since they spread more with increased travel. They’re known for their itchy bites and general discomfort.
  • Bees, Wasps, and Hornets: Bees can be a nuisance despite their importance for plant pollination. Wasps and hornets are definitely a nuisance and are known to disrupt folks outdoors.
  • Cockroaches: Cockroaches reproduce rapidly with summer’s rising temperatures. If you see a roach in Georgia, it’s most likely a German or American cockroach.
  • Fleas, Ticks, and Mites: These pests are often brought inside from hitching a ride in your pets’ fur. They unfortunately can transmit diseases like Lyme disease.
  • Flies: Flies love to pester you and your loved ones with summer’s warming and longer days.
  • Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes thrive in warm and humid weather, and can possibly spread diseases to people, like West Nile Virus.

Fall Pests

There are sometimes lingering pest populations during the fall since reproductive seasons peak in the late summer. Pests seek refuge from the cold with the arrival of autumn and its cooler air.

You’ll likely see these pests more frequently in the fall:

  • Asian Lady Beetles: as temperatures drop, These insects seek shelter in homes and form large infestations.
  • Boxelder Bugs: As the weather starts to get cooler during the day, these bugs find their way inside your home in sunlit areas.
  • Spiders: After their summer reproductive season, spiders like the Brown Recluse and Black Widow become more visible.
  • Stink Bugs: These smelly bugs escape the cold by finding their way inside your home, especially the Brown Marmorated stink bug. You’ll likely see them near doors or windows.

Winter Pests

Our winter seasonal pest services focus on the interior of your home because many pests go dormant during the winter. Our seasonal pest control experts find and target these pests, wherever they’re lurking.

These pests can be found inside to seek warmth and shelter in the winter:

  • House Mice: Mice may become more of a nuisance in your house to seek warmth during the winter.
  • Norway Rats: Like mice, These rodents are particularly resilient and may seek shelter indoors during winter months.
  • Silverfish: You may find these small, silvery pests infesting your pantry in search of food during the winter months.

How to Avoid Seasonal Pests

In addition to bringing on pest control experts, you can take the following steps to avoid seasonal pests in your home:

  1. Seal any potential entry points, like window sills and doorways.
  2. Look over any items you bring indoors for pests.
  3. Maintain a tidy home, inside and outside.
  4. Address any excess moisture issues promptly.
  5. Consult a professional pest exterminator for property inspections, treatments, and prevention.


Trust Active Pest Control for Pest Control in All Georgia’s Seasons

Seeking year-round pest control? Active Pest Control is your go-to solution! Our experienced team specializes in pest management, utilizing techniques tailored to fit your home’s specific needs. With a focus on prevention, we aim to keep infestations at bay from the outset. 

Nobody knows the pests we deal with here in Georgia better than Active Pest Control. We’ve been providing effective seasonal pest control to homes in the area since 1985. We know what works, and we can protect you too, so give us a call today to schedule your appointment! 

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