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Certified Active Pest Control technician lays down Insulation in Atlanta GA home. Home insulation services in Georgia.

Quality home insulation is essential: it keeps your heating and cooling costs low, decreases sound levels, benefits your home’s resale value, and contributes to the structural integrity of your home. A well-insulated home also contributes to your general health by keeping pests out! When you look to professional insulation companies for help, you can expect a technician to inspect your home to determine the best option for your home insulation. At Active Pest Control, we offer both blown-in insulation and batt insulation, depending on what is right for your Atlanta GA home!

The Benefits of Blown-In Insulation

Blown-in insulation is a trusted and effective option. This method of home and attic insulation installation involves propelling the material into gaps to minimize drafts. There are plenty of benefits to blown-in insulation:

  • It is ideal for attic insulation because of its ability to fill large spaces and hard-to-reach areas.
  • It works well to keep your home insulated against both high heat and harsh cold, and it settles minimally over time.
  • You can choose from two types: fiberglass for improved fire resistance or cellulose for sustainability and durability.

What Is Batt Insulation?

Batt insulation works very well when installed properly. This is a traditional form of insulation that comes in rolls to stretch along walls and attics post-construction. It is usually made of fiberglass and lined with a paper backing to ensure its longevity. You can shape and cut it easily to fit it between rafters, joists, and studs without leaving any space for air to flow through. While it is often a less expensive option for home insulation, it can usually hold up to the effectiveness of pricier insulation options.

Reliable Home Insulation Services

At Active Pest Control, we strive to make your home comfortable for you and inaccessible to pests! Our technicians are trained to deliver home insulation services that leave you feeling secure in your choice and at peace in your home. We provide insulation services that are licensed, insured, and guaranteed, giving you a more hospitable and valuable property.

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