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Spiders Love Georgia Summers

Spiders love Georgia summers, right? If you’re seeing a lot of spiders in your Macon home, you might be surprised to know why. We’re going to take a quick look at the love/hate relationship spiders have with summer, and how these conditions can affect your home and your family.

Spiders love the heat, right? Not always. Often, when you see a lot of spiders in your living spaces, it is because the attic has become too hot for the spiders to hide in. This can cause incidents of bites to increase throughout a home during the hot days of summer.

Spiders hate the cold, right? Many spiders have a natural anti-freeze that can protect them even through a harsh New England winter. These spiders are not going to want to stay in your attic for long, though, if the temps climb. Even the brown recluse, which needs the mild Georgia winters to survive, will not prefer a boiling attic box over a cozy bed.

All heat is the same, right? Not actually. Most spiders prefer moist and humid conditions. When periods of dry heat come, spiders are driven into homes for harborage. So, when the forecaster talks about drought conditions, you can know that your spider problems are going to get worse.

Here are some ways you can keep spiders from making your home their home this summer.

  • Use a caulking gun to seal gaps around pipes, outlets, air conditioning units and other fixtures.
  • Fill in rotted areas or have those areas repaired.
  • Inspect weather stripping and door sweeps to make sure they are in good working order.
  • If you have moist, humid areas in your home, use a dehumidifier to dry those areas out. Not only will you resist spiders, you’ll resist mold and fungus as well.
  • Consider having a pest control company protect your home from spiders, and a ton of other invasive pests, with one treatment plan.

When spiders hide from the Georgia summer, don’t let them hide in your Macon home. Make your home less appealing, and partner with a pest control company to keep them outside, where they belong. Contact Active Pest Control for help pest control in Macon!

Spiders Love Georgia Summers in Georgia

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