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Summer Pests in Chattanooga

Situated along the Tennessee River, Chattanooga is a city with endless possibilities for adventure, a great night out, and a lot of family fun. The mountains of Southeast Tennessee are also a great attraction for a hike or even a short walk with a view. Since Chattanooga combines city fun, woodsy adventures, and river cruise trips, couples and families are not the only ones attracted to Chattanooga’s charm. Pests of every shape and size are drawn to this mountainous riverside city. With temperatures reaching into the 90s during the summer, pests find themselves very comfortable in that kind of habitat. This becomes a large concern for commercial companies looking to make a great impression on a guest, customer, or client.

Summertime is warm, fresh, and beautiful; but at the same time, summertime pests are a great nuisance and a health concern for companies all over Chattanooga. The top three pests that will cause you trouble this summer are rodents, fleas, and cockroaches. Within your business, these pests need to be held at bay since they affect the health and environment for your customers or guests. Whether you are responsible for a restaurant, hotel, daycare, school, or another commercial business, you should be on the lookout for these pests wandering around this summer.

Rodents are mammals, and because they do not hibernate, they can be found anywhere year-round. They also reproduce rapidly; so once there is a sighting or a hint of rodent infestation, action needs to be taken. If you are in any kind of food service industry you are aware of how rodents can affect the health and safety of kitchens, storage areas, and even public spaces. Rodents are capable of crawling through spaces that seem much too small for them, so they could be entering in areas you wouldn’t even expect. Rodents can also chew through hard materials, leave urine and feces, and cause anxiety if seen by someone visiting your establishment. If a rodent’s nest is made somewhere within your business, reproduction will occur and can lead to contamination of food and surfaces where they roam around upon.

Fleas are extremely common in the summer months. Fleas need a host to feed on to survive; so most of the time, they will hitchhike on rodents, pets, and even humans. Fleas have different stages of development from egg to adult, but it takes a flea at the adult stage to be seen with the naked eye. Fleas can bite, can carry disease, and can be a nuisance throughout your business. Since fleas make their way inside from a host, extermination needs to be done at the first sight of a flea before reproduction happens.

Cockroaches are well known for being a huge pest, and they are an unsightly scene for commercial businesses. Cockroaches pose a large health concern since they are often found by waste deposits, drains, and kitchens where food is nearby. Cockroaches can carry diseases all over your business, and they even emit a foul odor. Since they are nocturnal, most of the time they won’t be seen unless they are uncovered or frightened away from their place of hiding. There is usually nothing good associated with a cockroach, and coming across one will send shivers up your spine.

Combating these summertime pests alone is next to impossible. Keeping the reputation of your business is extremely important, so at the first sign of a rodent, flea, cockroach, or any other pest in your business, contact us. We have over 40 years of pest control experience; and with the strength of our team, you will not be disappointed. We pride ourselves in sending the best technicians, being environmentally responsible, and honest. We have a range of programs to fit any need you have for pest control within your business. Call us today for a pest control service that will remove and prevent pests because ‘When bugs are all gone, it’s Active Pest Control.’

Summer Pests in Chattanooga in Georgia

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