Bed bugs And Thanksgiving Travel

Halloween is gone, the days are growing shorter, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Your time off request is finally granted; and, by now, you are searching the internet for the best deal on airfare and hotel accommodations so you can spend the holiday with your family. You remembered to make a reservation at ‘doggy day-care’ for Fido to spend Thanksgiving week there. You made arrangements for the kids to get their school work so you can leave a couple days before Thanksgiving. You even remembered to put a ‘hold mail’ request in to your local post office to keep your mail safe while you are away. Yup, it seems as if you have thought of everything! But have you?

As you prepare for your big adventure home for the holidays, don’t forget to consider bed bugs. That’s right; bed bugs are a growing concern for travelers all across the country. Over the past decade, bed bugs have made an astonishing comeback from near distinction. This resurgence of bed bugs is being attributed to two main reasons:

  • First, they have become resistant to the pesticides that were once used – some of which have now been banned for use in the United States by the government.
  • Secondly, they are so good at playing hide n’ seek that it is nearly impossible to reach all of them with pesticides alone.

The end result is an increase in bed bug infestations in homes, dorms, hotels, and any other place that their human hosts frequent! They are hitchhikers and move easily from place to place on the pant legs, socks, shoes, and baggage of unsuspecting people. They can even hang around on seats and benches in planes, taxi cabs, lobbies, coffee shops, and any other place where people sit. Again, remember that this epidemic involves every state!

The best way to protect your family from bringing these pests home is to know the facts and use caution when traveling. Get to know what they are and how they operate: Bed bugs are extremely elusive; and, contrary to their name, they can be found just about anywhere people frequent. These nocturnal creatures do not just crawl around on your bed waiting for you to fall asleep so they can eat; they actually sleep the day away in any old room they please. They get their name from the fact that beds are usually where you notice them first. They will often leave blood stains on your sheets, bite marks on your body, and brownish-black fecal matter on your mattress during and after feeding.

There are a few things you can do to help keep these bugs from coming home with you after the holidays:

  • Be aware of your surroundings while traveling.
  • Quickly check your seat on planes, buses, and trains before you sit down; pay close attention to the seams.
  • Inspect your hotel room before you open your bags.
  • Pull back bedding near the head of the bed (the spare bed too!) and look for groups of black fecal spots on the mattress
  • Check underneath mattress tags and around seams of mattresses and box springs.
  • Check the back of the headboard – especially the screw holes where they can hide.
  • Check the hotel closet using a flashlight before hanging clothes.
  • Do not use hotel bureaus.
  • Keep your shoes in the open rather than under the bed or in the closet.
  • Unpack and wash your clothes immediately upon returning home.
  • Unpack in a garage or mudroom if possible.
  • Inspect your suitcase using a flashlight.
  • Even when you take every precaution possible, you can still wind up bringing bed bugs home from the holidays. This can be a very difficult and emotional time. Bed bugs incorrectly carry the stigma that the homes they invade must have poor housekeeping practices, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. Bed bugs are not necessarily drawn to dirty dwellings; in fact, they don’t care what level of cleanliness is in a home. As long as there are people there to feed from, they will be happy.

If you have to face bed bugs in your home, call the experts with a proven reputation for quality service and effective pest control. We are Georgia’s choice for pest control services.  We have decades of experience and highly trained professionals that you can trust to safely and effectively eliminate bed bugs from your home.  We use proven methods that employ both conventional application measures and heat treatments to ensure that bed bugs are gone.

Be sure to contact our professional team here at Active Pest Control for discreet, effective bed bug elimination if you are faced with an infestation of these awful, pesky creatures.

Bed Bug Dangers

It is a simple fact: if you leave your home and go out into the public for work or pleasure there is always a slight risk that bed bugs may come into contact with you or your belongings and that they could accidentally be introduced into your home. We aren’t telling you this to scare you or make you want to live as a hermit; we are just trying to make you aware. Being aware will help you to take some necessary steps to help protect yourself and your family from bed bugs and reduce the chances of an infestation occurring in your home!

Bed bugs can be found in any place where there are large groups of people. Common places to come into contact with bed bugs include libraries, movie theaters, shopping centers, schools, airports, bus stations, hotels, motels, and even hospitals. In fact, just recently a hospital in Salisbury, North Carolina, became infested with bed bugs after a patient introduced them into the hospital. However, due to the hospital’s quick action the infected areas were treated by an experienced exterminator and all bed bugs were eliminated.

Since bed bugs have the potential to be in so many public areas, it is best to always be vigilant and try to protect yourself against them; just like you would try to prevent yourself from catching a cold from the grocery cart! Some tips to protect yourself and your family from bed bugs include:

  • When out in public keep your belongings with you (coats, bags, purses). Don’t place these items on the floors of public places.
  • Inspect upholstered seats for bed bugs before sitting down on them.
  • Before bringing luggage into a hotel room inspect the room, mattresses, and box springs for bed bugs.
  • Keep your luggage up off of the hotel floor.
  • Wash all clothing in hot water immediately after returning home from a trip.
  • Vacuum and wipe down your suitcase before storing it away in your home.
  • Routinely wash outerwear that you and your family wear on a regular basis.

It is important to remember that bed bugs don’t care about the cleanliness of the environment that they are in. They will live in a cluttered home, a budget motel, a 5 star hotel, or even in a sterilized hospital environment as long as one thing is available- a blood source. Bed bugs solely feed off of the blood of people; so as long as people are present they will be able to feed, breed, and thrive. The only true way to get rid of bed bugs whether you are a homeowner or business owner is with the help of a professional pest control specialist.

If bed bugs do ever hitchhike their way uninvited into your home, the best defense against them is to take quick action, don’t be embarrassed, bed bugs can infect any business or home. Active Pest Control can get rid of bed bugs from your home through our experienced and effective bed bug control program. Our professionals will inspect your home locate where the bed bugs are and then provide treatment services that include conventional methods and/or bed bug heat treatments. After an infestation is eliminated having routine inspections performed by our professionals will help to stop future problems with bed bugs from occurring!

For more information about bed bugs and how Active Pest Control can help you to control bed bugs in your home contact us today!

Bed Bugs In Rome

Though the bed bug, also known as Cimex lectularius, has a Roman name, this isn’t an article about the affliction these pests were in ancient Rome or how they got their name. Instead, we are going to take a look at how these bugs can affect us here in Rome, Georgia and some of the misconceptions people have about this pest that can sometimes create the conditions for even more frustration.

When bed bugs strike a business or public municipality, they can create a major problem. Here are a few of the reasons why.

There is a perception that bed bugs only inhabit nasty places. Though, this is not true, they can still foster a sense of embarrassment. This has a tendency to drive people to respond rashly, throwing out mattresses, couches, chairs and other furniture. This is actually not necessary. A bed bug heat treatment will kill bed bugs deep inside these items. It is also important to understand that if your business or organization receives donated furniture, you don’t have to require donations to be in the form of new furniture still in their packaging. It is understandable to want to go in this direction, but bed bugs are a hitchhiking bug. They can come inside bags and on clothing, not just inside furniture and mattresses.

For some people, these bugs can cause significant mental trauma. If you manage or run a property that has residents, a bed bug infestation can quickly lead to hysteria, and sometimes lawsuits. The key to prevention is routine inspections. Bed bug infestations can be stopped before they begin, but it requires the assistance of a professional.

These are elusive bugs. If treated improperly, bed bugs are adept at fleeing into the walls and into other parts of a building. This causes the infestation to spread or appear to be gone only to return in a few short months. At Active Pest Control, our technicians know how to corral bed bugs so they can’t escape during treatment.

Treatments disrupt residents and keep a property from being accessed for a period of time. For this reason, we work hard to make sure our treatments get the job done effectively, in as little time as possible.

Bed bug treatments cost money, and for a struggling business or municipality, this is an unwelcomed hardship. That’s why we keep our costs highly competitive and outline a plan to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

If you’re dealing with bed bugs in Rome, Georgia, click here or give us a call. There are a lot of misconceptions about these tiny blood-eating insects. But we’ll give you the answers you need and outline a solution to effectively protect your property and your reputation from the harmful effects of bed bugs.

Beach Bugs

No. This isn’t an article about sand fleas. It is about picking up bugs when you visit the beach. You may not realize it, but going on a trip is the best way to get bed bugs. These bugs are hitchhikers that establish their nests in places where humans live and sleep. If you’d like to avoid a bed bug infestation in your Atlanta home, the best way to do it is to be on the look out for bed bugs when you travel.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says there are a dozen great beaches to explore within driving distance of Atlanta. But, whether you’re looking for a small friendly beach like the one on Tybee Island, watersports and golfing like those found at Hilton Head, or the kind of pier park entertainment only Panama City Beach can provide, there is one thing for sure: You want to bring home memories, not bugs. So, no matter where you decide to take your beach vacation, follow this guide to prevent these bugs from traveling back with you.

The first step you should always take is to stop by before you finalize your travel plans. Do a search for where you’ll be staying and see if anyone has reported issues with bed bugs there. Be aware that a few bed bugs found on a pillow, doesn’t mean the entire establishment is infested. These bugs travel in on other guests. Even if a hotel has the best pest program in the world, a few bugs can be brought in by one guest and reported by the next. Just keep your guard up and follow these tips.

  1. If you see a report on, and it has you worried, it can ease your mind to know if it was an isolated incident. When you first arrive, ask someone at the desk what their bed bug plan is. If they have an immediate answer, that is a very good sign. It means they are actively fighting bed bugs.
  2. Always check your room before bringing your luggage in. Pull the blankets down on the bed and search for tiny rust-colored bugs, discarded casings or tiny brown blood stains. Pull up the edges of the sheets and examine the mattress creases and corners for black staining. And, use a flashlight to check the backboard and all upholstered furniture in the room.
  3. If you find bugs in your room, report them immediately, and request to be moved to another room. Be sure they don’t place you in an adjacent room, or a room that is above or below the room that is infested.
  4. Be calm. Even if you find bed bugs, it may be a small and isolated event. You’ll be fine, as long as they move you away from the infested room. Just be sure to refrain from leaving dirty clothes or wet towels on the floor during your stay and check all the seams of your luggage for bugs or white eggs when you pack to go home.
  5. When you get home, immediately wash and dry everything on the hottest temperature. This will kill bugs at every stage of development.
  6. If you believe you brought bugs home with you, call Active Pest Control of Atlanta to do an inspection and eradicate the bugs. Never try to do a heat treatment on your own.

Enjoy your time in the sun and surf, and keep a wary eye out for these bugs. Not only can they come home with you, they can leave unsightly red welts on your beach body. And, that is never a fun way to start a beach vacation.

Bed Bugs In Chattanooga Apartments

Are you dealing with bed bugs in your apartment or housing unit? These bugs can be a torment. Not just because they feed on you while you sleep. When you have bed bugs, people think you’re a dirty person. This bug has earned a reputation of living in filth and unsanitary conditions. Though it is true that bed bugs thrive in bacteria-filled environments, the truth is, they’ll live anywhere that has a food source, no matter how clean. Here are some questions you may be asking yourself, and a few answers to protect your apartment from bed bugs.

How do bed bugs move through an apartment building?

Bed bugs are hitchhikers. They ride inside items we carry, and even on us. If you’re wondering how you can miss bugs crawling all over you, a baby bed bug can be the size of a sharpened pencil tip, and these bugs like to crawl along seams and in creases and crevices. And, sometimes, only their eggs hitch a ride on you–eggs that don’t require the mother in order to hatch. One tiny batch of eggs in the seam of a sweater can turn into a full-blown infestation.

For homeowners, this is a bug that will never work its way in through their exterior walls. These little blood eaters live inside, near their food source. But in an apartment building, they will travel through outlets and into wall voids to pass from one apartment into the next. As long as they don’t have to go outside, they’ll be happy to explore.

Does cleaning prevent bed bugs?

Bed bugs can live in the cleanest apartments, but keeping a clean apartment can deter them. If a momma bug enters your apartment and finds it free of bacteria and limited on nesting sites, like mattresses, upholstered furniture, and clothing laying on the floor, she may decide to continue on to another apartment. Using a mattress cover and keeping things clean can slow these bugs down.

What should I do if I find bed bugs in my apartment?

Contact your apartment owner or manager. Most owners and managers have a plan for taking care of bed bugs. On rare occasions, like recently, in a Chattanooga apartment building, drastic action is needed, but usually this is not the case. Apartment owners know that bed bugs have an adverse effect on their bottom line, and they are aware of the sensitive nature of this invading pest. If you work together and get a pest control company involved, you can solve this problem quickly and effectively, for everyone involved.

Bed Bugs And Your Summer Vacation

Summer is only days away. You’re already seeing the signs in the weather forecast, it might even feel like summer is already here. Are you planning a summer getaway? Maybe a trip to the amusement park or perhaps you’re planning on sinking your toes into a the sand and not budging for a few days. Whatever your plans, vacation is a time to relax and recharge your battery. It can also turn into a disaster if you find that you brought bed bugs home.

For many pest control companies across the country, calls about bed bug infestations increase during the summer months. That’s because people are traveling more and that means they are increasing their chances of encountering bed bugs.

Here at Active Pest Control, our Tennessee pest control experts are here to help make sure that you’re not making a bed bug SOS call this summer. Listed below are some helpful tips to help prevent bed bugs from coming home with you as a summer vacation souvenir.

  • When traveling and spending time in airports, train stations, or bus stations keep bags, coats, and suitcases up off of the floor. Inspect your seats for signs of bed bugs or actual live bed bugs in the cracks or crevices of seats.
  • Before booking your hotel research it for incidences of bed bugs and read the reviews from other customers.
  • At the accommodation you choose, conduct a thorough inspection of the bed. Pull back sheets to inspect seams, search the box spring for blood, excrement and bugs.
  • Inspect furniture in the room too. This includes sofas, chairs, nightstands etc.
  • Keep your suitcase up off of the ground and keep items that are not being used in sealed plastic bags.
  • When returning home, do not bring your suitcase or bags inside. Rather unpack in the garage or even driveway.
  • Wash all clothing in the hottest temperature the fabric will permit.
  • Vacuum out and wipe down your suitcase before storing it.

Though bed bugs are not a threat to your health or your home, they are a very stressful pest problem and can be difficult to eradicate. A single, pregnant female can become a major infestation quickly. Be proactive before, during and after your trip and keep an eye out for these bugs.

If you suspect that bed bugs may have arrived home with you, contact Active Pest Control for help. Our trained bed bug control experts will inspect your home and treat for bed bugs if detected. We offer a few options in bed bug removal including bed bug heat treatment and will let you know what method of remediation would work best for your situation. Don’t stress about these biting insects this summer, give us a call instead.