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Do DIY Mouse Traps Work?

When it comes to handling rodent intrusions, the classic snap trap might be the first solution that comes to mind. However, the world of rodent control offers a range of options beyond this familiar device. Given that each rat or mouse infestation is unique, the key to effective treatment lies in understanding the source and scale of their activity. DIY mouse traps can indeed be effective, provided they’re crafted and applied correctly.

Do DIY Mouse Traps Work in Georgia - Active Pest Control

Best Homemade Mouse Traps

Beyond the traditional snap trap, one popular alternative mouse trap is the ramp and bucket method. To set up this type of trap, take a 5-gallon bucket and coat the inside with peanut butter. Place this bucket near areas where you know mice are active; this trap won’t be terribly effective if the rodents can’t find it. Then, create a small ramp leading up to the bucket. 

This method works by enticing the mice up the ramp with peanut butter, which causes them to fall into the bucket and become trapped. You can either fill the bucket with water to neutralize the mice or release them far away from your home, back into their natural habitat. Regardless, it’s crucial to handle the rodents with care. Wear gloves, use disinfectants, and avoid coming into direct contact with the mice.

Hazards With DIY Rat Poison

Whether it’s homemade or it’s store-bought, rat poison is still poison. If mishandled or placed in the wrong spot, rat poison could damage your health, endanger your family, or harm your pets. We strongly recommend using natural rodent control tactics before turning to chemical-based solutions. If you are considering using rat poison to get rid of an infestation, reach out to a licensed professional to ensure your safety. 

Get Rid of Mice Quickly

Eliminating a rodent infestation doesn’t necessarily demand DIY skills. All you need is the expertise of a professional rodent control technician, and our team at Active Pest Control stands as the pinnacle in rodent management across Georgia. With over 35 years of specialized experience, we offer comprehensive solutions to ensure a rodent-free environment. Get in touch with us today to reclaim your space from these intruders!

Do DIY mouse traps work? in Georgia

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