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How Do You Prevent Termites When Building a New Home in Georgia?

Whenever a new home or building is being constructed, it’s important to treat lumber and use termite-resistant materials to help prevent infestations.

No one wants to learn their brand-new home has termites, which is why it’s essential to take all possible measures to prevent future infestations during the construction phase. To prevent termites when building a new home, it’s smart to apply treatment before, during, and after the property is built. Some of the common ways you can lessen the chances of termites when building a new home include:

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  • Treat the lumber that will be used to construct the home
  • Use termite-resistant materials instead of or in addition to wood
  • Apply chemicals on all points of contact where wood directly touches the ground
  • Implement preventative safety measures to ensure the new home is protected

Termite Prevention Before Construction

When building a new structure, there are a number of things that can be done to protect the new building from termites. The most important step in any pre-construction phase is treating the soil before moving forward with anything else. Doing this can form a chemical barrier to prevent termites from getting near the building during construction and long after as well. Other important techniques to help prevent termites during the home-building process include:

  • Using pressure-treated or termite-resistant wood, such as resinous woods.
  • Trying to limit or eliminate wood-to-soil contact throughout the entire foundation by using a concrete base as a barrier.
  • Ensuring the home will receive proper ventilation to prevent excess moisture and humidity.
  • Building the home in such a way to create proper drainage, which is best achieved by sloping the soil away from the foundation.
  • When building crawlspaces, being wary of keeping wood sitting above the ground to avoid contact with soil.
  • Integrating a galvanized steel or concrete barrier into the build, which can help block entry points.

Post-Construction Termite Prevention

Even if your brand-new home is built with termite-resistant materials and techniques, it’s still important to implement ongoing prevention methods yourself and also receive annual inspections. Just as with a home of any age, continually treating your property is your best chance at preventing termites. The best thing you can do to ensure your new home stays termite-free is to sign up for regular inspections by a professional pest control company!

How Do You Prevent Termites When Building a New Home in Georgia? in Georgia

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