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Do I have to throw out food after a bed bug infestation?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what you do or don’t need to get rid of after a bed bug infestation. You do not need to throw out food or any pantry items when undergoing an infestation, because bed bugs aren’t interested in your food!

Do I have to throw out food after a bed bug infestation?

There are a lot of rumors about what bed bugs have the ability to infest. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs rarely or never infest the following items:

  • Food crumbs
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Pets



Do Bed Bugs Eat Food?

Bed bugs eat one thing and one thing only: blood! That means you don’t have to worry about bed bugs crawling into your pantry and feasting on your food. When dealing with a bed bug infestation, you very rarely have to throw out items. In fact, if treatment is administered properly by a professional exterminator, you shouldn’t even have to throw out your mattress after an infestation!

How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Feeding?

As scary as it sounds, it’s important to know that bed bugs can live an entire year without a blood meal. Depending on the temperature and humidity of its surroundings, adult bed bugs have known to survive for anywhere from 20 to 400 days without feeding. This means that bed bugs can technically live in your home for more than a year. Even without a blood meal, they will not resort to feeding off of anything else.

What Needs to Be Thrown Out After a Bed Bug Infestation?

Unlike other types of pests, you don’t need to worry about bed bugs invading your food or pantry. When you find out you have a bed bug problem, there’s no reason to panic and throw out everything in your home. It’s actually better to get professional treatment right away. This can help save you from throwing out food, bedding, and more.

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