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10 Bed Bug Myths Debunked

Bed bug awareness week in Atlanta GA - Bed bug myths debunked by Active Pest ControlBed bugs are certainly one of the most feared pests. Not only does a bed bug infestation cause distress, they can be very difficult to get rid of! There are many theories about bed bugs and their behaviors that have been passed on throughout history. Because these bugs incite a lot of fear, it’s important to separate fact from fiction.

With Bed Bug Awareness Week upon us, the bed bug exterminators at Active Pest Control are here to debunk some common bed bug myths.

False Bed Bug Facts

The following “facts” about bed bugs are simply not true:

  1. Bed bugs are attracted to messy or dirty homes. Unfortunately, anyone can get a bed bug problem. Unsanitary conditions will not lead you to get bed bugs in your home!
  2. Bed bugs only feed at night. Bed bugs are active when their hosts are at rest. This usually means overnight, but they are able to adjust their schedule to fit yours!
  3. These bugs are only found in your bedroom. Bed bugs tend to congregate near areas where people rest. This includes sofas, chairs, cracks in the wall, and even power outlets!
  4. Bed bugs are too small to see with the naked eye. Adult bed bugs are perfectly capable of being seen. They are the size of an apple seed and often grouped together, making it easier to spot an infestation.
  5. They can jump and fly. Fortunately, bed bugs cannot jump or fly as other pests can. They have underdeveloped wings, and instead move from one spot to the other by crawling or latching onto a moving item.
  6. Bed bugs latch or travel on people. Although bed bugs are known to hitch a ride on your purse or suitcase, they do not attach to people as fleas or ticks do.
  7. You can get rid of bed bugs with DIY methods. At-home or DIY treatments for bed bugs are, in a word, ineffective. An aggressive approach from a pest control company is necessary to getting rid of the entire infestation.
  8. Bed bugs transmit dangerous diseases. These pests may cause you anxiety and even itchiness, but their bites do not transmit disease as other pests do.
  9. Bed bugs can live a year without feeding. While they definitely can survive months without a meal, they won’t make it through an entire year unless under optimal conditions.
  10. You should get rid of your mattress and clothing if you have bed bugs. If you are in the midst of an infestation, it’s actually dangerous to move your infested items. Doing so can spread bed bugs into other areas!

You Have Bed Bugs–What Now?

Bed bugs are certainly one of the more terrifying pest problems. It’s important to know the truth about bed bugs in order to better prepare yourself for the chances of an infestation. When you do have a problem, it’s always best to enlist the help of a professional pest control company to get rid of infestation for you, bringing you peace of mind. Contact the team at Active Pest Control to learn more.

10 Bed Bug Myths Debunked in Georgia

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