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Tips to Reduce the Risk of Termites, Increasing Your Sales

At Active Pest Control, we take pride in educating our neighbors, and yours, about pests. To help ensure that our communities are well taken care of, we provide a curriculum for real estate professionals to help identify issues ahead of time and close more deals. Read the class recap below to learn about termite damage, how it can affect home sales, and how to get rid of those pests!

Why are termites such an issue for my clients?

The leading reason that termites can halt a home’s sale is that they cause massive, often unseen, structural damage. Each year, over $5 billion in termite damages are reported — and homeowner’s insurance rarely covers it. In fact, termites damage more structures in the U.S. than fire, floods, hurricanes, and tornados combined.

Timing is another issue. A “swarm” is the most immediate and recognizable way to identify a termite infestation; however, a colony can be established for 4-10 years before the first swarms appear. During that timeframe, the subterranean bugs are eating away at wooden parts (subfloors, door and window casings, wall studs, etc.) By the time swarms appear, much damage has occurred.

What do I look for when considering a home for contract?

Termites thrive in damp, dark places. Issues that can foster those conditions include leaky gutters, decaying eaves, poor ventilation and drainage, wooden structures sunk directly into soil (decks, foundations, porches, etc.), and peeling paint. Inside the home, signs are more subtle such as termite tubes along the baseboard and holes hidden by picture frames.

Can legal action be taken for an infestation?

Yes. To further protect you from liability when taking a house under contract, make sure it receives a comprehensive inspection by a certified company. It is important to understand, and secure an Official Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report. 95% of all termite-related lawsuits arise due to improper use of this “Clearance Letter” report.

What treatment method does Active Pest Control recommend?

Our technicians are trained to use the Sentricon™ Termite Colony Elimination System. It works to attract, bait and eliminate a termite infestation. Stations are placed around the perimeter of the home and loaded with a bait cartridge. When termites consume the bait from a bait tube they distribute the product throughout the colony. We believe the “always active technology” of the Sentricon™ System is the most effective way to eliminate termites from your property without causing additional damage to the structure and driving down the home’s overall price.

My property has termites — how do I get the Sentricon™ System installed?

Simply contact Active Pest Control and your authorized service technician will inspect and install the system at your convenience!

The Active Pest Control’ Realtor Education series is led by Ben Satterfield, Assistant Sales Manager for Real Estate and Builder Services. He works with home sellers throughout Georgia to protect families and eliminate pest issues.

Tips to Reduce the Risk of Termites, Increasing Your Sales in Georgia

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