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Beating Jacksonville’s Bed Bug Blues

Bed bugs can show up practically anywhere, including here in Jacksonville and the surrounding suburbs. They turn up at hotels as people travel to and from major hubs, carrying their luggage from their homes and unknowingly spreading them through their infested clothing. Even top tier accommodations can’t avoid bed bugs when someone brings them from another country and they end up contaminating the hotel.

People can also pick them up from furniture at furniture stores, as two Jacksonville area families claim they did when they purchased rented or bought furniture from Aaron’s, Inc. in 2014. Most local furniture stores work with Jacksonville pest control specialists to perform quality assurance review, but sometimes this may not be enough as they rest in crevices, only to later infest your home.

Bedbug treatments are notoriously difficult and expensive, often running more than $3,000 for a single-family unit. And, unfortunately, once you have them, you almost always need professional help to ensure the problem is completely eliminated.

At the University of Georgia, entomologists studying bed bugs say that the critters are becoming more commonplace as they become resistant to certain pesticides, particularly here in Georgia. While these researchers are trying to find new ways to eradicate these pests, it’s hard to know if we’ll ever be able to eliminate bed bugs completely. Prior to the recent resurgence, they had been mostly eradicated throughout the developed world since the 1940s.

Bed bugs are typically elusive and may hide in cracks and hidden areas throughout your home or business. People often don’t know they have bed bugs until they notice the bite marks, which typically have a red, swollen area with a darker center, and are grouped together in a single area or are in a straight line. In addition to leaving painful bites, they can also carry disease, so if you notice them it’s important to call an exterminator right away.

If you’re concerned about the threat of bed bugs in your Jacksonville area home, schedule an appointment with Active Pest Control’s Jacksonville pest control specialists via our quick service contact form. Our team of pest control professionals will eliminate insects starting at the source, and can offer your tips and suggestions to prevent further infestations.

Beating Jacksonville’s Bed Bug Blues in Georgia

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