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Complete Flea Protection?

Here in Macon Georgia, fleas are just as much of a problem–if not more of a problem–than they are in the rest of the country. The beautiful southern climate is perfect for these blood-eating insects. They get into our yards; they get onto our pets, and they get into our homes. There isn’t a whole lot we can do about it, right? Well, actually there is something we can do. If we take appropriate steps, we can almost completely protect our pets and our families from fleas and the repercussions of being bitten by them.

Step 1

Fleas come into yards on wildlife. The more your yard is protected from unwanted wildlife, the fewer fleas you’ll have. You can do this by keeping your lawn mowed–to make your yard feel less like the woods or a meadow, but more than this, you can put up fencing for added deterrence. There is no way to entirely stop animals from getting into your yard but this is a good place to start with flea protection.

Step 2

As you are probably aware, your veterinarian can prescribe many products that will help to protect your pets. While these products don’t ensure complete protection, they are a valuable part of complete protection. These products include powders, collars, topicals, and medication. Consult your veterinarian to zero in on what will work best for your pet.

Step 3

Your pet isn’t the only animal that can bring fleas into your home. Many people don’t realize that mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons and other furry pests can introduce fleas into a home. If you’ve been noticing mouse droppings in the back of your silverware drawer, you should call a pest control company and have that mouse problem dealt with before it turns into more than just a mouse problem.

Step 4

While dealing with wildlife issues when you see them can keep fleas from infesting, complete protection requires ongoing pest service. When you have routine visits from a knowledgeable professional and appropriate treatments done on a regular basis, your home will be more resistant to all pests–fleas included. And, if fleas do find a way to take root in your home, it is good to have a pest control company you can call for immediate, and targeted service.

It isn’t possible to have complete protection from fleas, or any bug, but when you have ongoing pest control from an industry-leading pest control company like Active Pest Control, you’ll have the best protection possible.

There is an eco-system around, and inside, your home. Fleas are only one part of that eco-system. Let the professionals here at Active Pest Control help you manage that eco-system and keep bugs and wildlife from having an adverse effect on your pets and your family. Life is better when pests are under control.

Complete Flea Protection? in Georgia

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