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Guide To Pest-Free Picnics

There are many places in Atlanta to enjoy a nice picnic. But, a nice picnic can become a not-so-nice picnic when bugs invade, especially if those bugs bite. Here are a few suggestions to help you have a pest-free* picnic.

Picnic Pest Tips

  • Choose a good time to go out. If you’re looking to have fewer mosquitoes biting you while you enjoy your picnic, it is best to go out in the middle of the day. Mosquitoes are more active in the morning and evening.
  • Avoid allowing smells to lure pests in. Food smells draw in ants and other food-eating bugs. Keep your foods in sealed containers when you’re not eating or when you are preparing something to eat.
  • Be aware that sweet smells, such as juices, perfumes, and lotions, can lure yellow jackets, paper wasps, and other stinging pests in. If you’ll be drinking sweet beverages, consider getting cups with lids.
  • While the idea of using mosquito repellent at a picnic may sound a little repelling in itself, be aware that spraying repellent on your legs and ankles can protect you from fire ant bites and keep ticks from crawling up your legs to feed.
  • A natural mosquito repellent that most folks don’t think of is a nice fan. Have you ever noticed how mosquitoes are worse when there is no breeze? Consider making an artificial breeze. Not only will this blow the mosquitoes, and other biting bugs, away, it will also keep you cooler.
  • Choose a good location to picnic. If you picnic near a wetland, you can expect mosquitoes. If you picnic near open trash receptacles, you can expect yellow jackets. If you picnic near tall grass, you can expect ticks. Find a location that is well maintained and free of open food sources.
  • Part of choosing a good location is finding a place that has picnic benches or some other “raised” eating surface. This will make it harder for crawling bugs to zero in on your food and mobilize an army to ruin your day.

We hope these tips help you to have a pest-free* picnic when you go out to spend time with your family. If you intend to have picnics in your own backyard, we hope you’ll consider having Active Pest Control assist you in making your backyard a much nicer place to be. Summer picnics are one of the best reasons to have a backyard. Don’t let pests ruin your fun! Reach out to us today to find out all of the many ways we help families get the most out of their yards.

Guide To Pest-Free Picnics in Georgia

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