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Difference Between German & Smokybrown Cockroaches

Regardless of the kind, no one wants cockroaches around. In fact, though a clean environment does not ensure protection against them, cockroaches have become quite nearly synonymous with filth and bad living in people’s minds, and the thought of having them in your house gives most people a shudder, not to mention the stigma they can give to a business. But when it comes to preventing or dealing with cockroaches, how do we know what to do? There are roughly 30 kinds of cockroaches in America that are actually pests, and the habits and character of these different species may change the way you deal with them. Two species of roaches that you may come across in the Atlanta GA area are the German and the smokybrown cockroach, and the differences between these two display the variety of concerns to be aware of when dealing with cockroaches.

The German cockroach is far and away the worst of the pest roaches in America. Their reproductive capabilities alone make them a nightmare to have around and a serious challenge to eliminate. Light tan in color with two distinctive black stripes on it’s back, these versatile creatures live everywhere in the world except for Antarctica, and they thrive around humans. They will usually get into your space through human means (luggage, furniture, etc.), but can spread from a close neighbor as well. German cockroaches will eat pretty much anything, and though nocturnal it is not uncommon to find one scurrying around during the day, something to take special note of as it may mean overcrowding in the roach population. Remember that where you see one cockroach, there could be dozens, even hundreds more.

The smokybrown cockroach looks just like it sounds, a dark brown insect with the typical roach back-plate or “pronotum” directly behind the head, and wings longer than its body. In contrast to the German cockroach, the smokybrown roach lives mainly in the Southeastern US, and is mainly an outdoor creature. While not as common around Atlanta as the German cockroach, they do get around, and though you’re more likely to be dealing with them in your greenhouse or around your shed, the smokybrown cockroach will have no problem with entering buildings frequented by humans as well if conditions look favorable. The smokybrown cockroach is much more a flying insect than the German cockroach, whose wings are used for gliding at best, and you may see smokybrown roaches drawn to light sources outside. Entry inside will be via convenient openings that promise food or especially water. Both types of cockroaches will eat whatever they can find without a problem, but while German roaches enjoy greasy substances especially, the smokybrown prefers rotting plant matter.

Their differences in range and preference are notable, but the problems that these roaches cause are much the same. Roaches, in general, are messy creatures drawn to messy places, and the mess they leave is more dangerous than any they may or may not find. Cockroaches will crawl around your drains and then track the bacteria found there all over your house. Their droppings have been known to aggravate asthma and are in general bad for you to breathe in. Roaches will congregate in the dark, hard to reach places, and quickly spread to every nook and cranny possible, making a home into an unlivable environment in almost no time all, and risking the absolute ruin of a business’ reputation.

Like most pests, roaches are more easily prevented than removed. Being cautious when bringing items, especially secondhand items, onto your property will help prevent you accidentally inviting cockroaches into your home. Cutting off accessible water sources (leaks, clogged gutters, poor drainage) is potentially even more effective at deterring roaches than cutting off food, as generally, they are prone to dehydration, but both should be focused on. The cleaner you can keep your property, inside and out, the fewer places roaches will feel safe, and the less likely they will be to find it attractive. Finally, sealing any openings that roaches could use to get inside easily is crucial, and is a step that applies to nearly every pest.

If you find yourself with roaches already, or just don’t want to worry that you’ve left yourself open somehow, you will be best served by calling in Active Pest Control. Our professionals can offer a preventative or removal program tailor-made for your situation, and with a year-round protection program, we’ll keep an eye on your home or business to ensure no pest problems resurface. Businesses want low impact methods and to keep the doors open, and when the sanctity of your home is at stake you simply want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you don’t have to worry about pests like roaches. Active Pest Control knows the pest threats that the Atlanta GA area faces, and how to deal with them. Our year-round service provides your best guarantee that pests, be they roaches, rodents, or anything in between, will not find your property an easy place to settle in.

Difference Between German & Smokybrown Cockroaches in Georgia

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