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End Of Summer Yellow Jackets

What is the deal with yellow jackets in Rome, Georgia? Why are they everywhere at the end of summer? If you’ve been dealing with these pests lately, it isn’t surprising. Yellow jackets build their populations all summer long. If you’re planning an outdoor event or some backyard activities, these pests could cause issues. Let’s take a quick look at some ways these party crashers can be a problem, and how to solve that problem.

Are you planning a wedding or considering renewing your vows in the backyard? When people gather for formal occasions, there are three things that will often occur that can attract or aggravate yellow jackets.

  • These are pollinators, so sweet smells attract them. There is a good chance you’ll have lots of sweet smelling people in your yard if you’re planning something formal.
  • When a lot of people gather, there will be vibrations in the ground. Since yellow jackets often build their nests in the ground, they could swarm your gathering if they feel threatened by those vibrations.
  • Formal occasions are often followed by a reception or after party. And no party is complete without dancing. Not only will this activity increase the vibrations in the ground, it will also have people moving their bodies about in fast motions that can attract and aggravate yellow jackets.

Is a family reunion on the horizon? If so, you’ll want to consider the dangers listed above, but also something else. How long has it been since you’ve seen some of the relatives that will be coming to the reunion? There is a good chance that this party is going to be the one memory they’ll have for years to come. The last thing you want is for it to be connected to several stings from angry yellow jackets.

Are you planning a sleepover with some outside fun? Kids are natural explorers. When they get outside, they get into places most adults don’t. This can expose them to yellow jacket nests in outbuildings, sheds, and wooded areas.

Is it almost time for your end of summer pool party? Lots of splashing is definitely going to catch the attention of yellow jackets. But what makes a pool party a little scarier is that someone might be tempted to think that they can jump into the pool to avoid a swarm of yellow jackets. But these aggressive wasps can wait longer than you can hold your breath. And this can lead to a lot of painful welts.

What is the solution?

If you’re planning an outside gathering on your Rome, Georgia property, let Active Pest Control keep you and your guests safe from yellow jackets. Our specialists know where these insects live and the protocols necessary to safely remove nests from your yard, before those guests arrive.

End Of Summer Yellow Jackets in Georgia

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