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Keep Winter Mice Out in Georgia

Regardless of the time of year, mice are always going to be attracted to three things. They are in pursuit of food, water, and shelter. The best place they can secure these three necessities is in the comfort of your home. If you have ever wondered why mice seem to like your home, there is no need to wonder any longer. You unknowingly make available the three things needed for their survival. This urgency seems to intensify with mice during the winter months even in the southern Georgia climate. The crops have been harvested, decreasing the readily available food outside and the temperatures have dropped to less comfortable levels. The Ideal solution to this dilemma is to simply move in with you for a few months.

Rodent control basically begins with eliminating all possible points of entry. What can one do to keep these pesky creatures out of the house? This isn’t as simple as it seems once you have a better understanding of the skeletal makeup of a mouse. The body of an average size adult house mouse is usually about three inches in length. His only limitation in gaining access to your home is in the size of his skull. A mouse has no collarbone so if he can fit his skinny head through a hole or crack…he is in! This means that, to be sure a mouse can’t get inside, all holes and cracks 1/4th inch and larger must be closed or sealed shut. A hole the size of a dime is a big enough door for the average mouse to gain access!

To close off all potential entry points requires a thorough inspection of the home inside and outside. Begin by caulking all cracks and gaps in the foundation and around all utility entrances. Check door sweeps under entrance doors and overhead garage doors and replace as necessary. Go inside and inspect all water and drain lines under sinks and close all gaps or openings. This prevents mice from getting inside the walls and building nests or spreading to other parts of the building.

As for food sources, mice will eat whatever you do. They will go in the pantry and chew through boxes and bags of food. Do not leave leftovers sitting out on the counter or table and be sure to store all food in mouse proof containers. Remember, those two incisors can gnaw through wood, fabric, and plastic.

The next thing you will want to do is eliminate moisture. Just a drop of water is enough to sustain a mouse for a period of time. Examine all faucets, waterlines, and drain lines for any leaks or water drips and repair accordingly. Eliminating points of entry and food and water will certainly discourage mice from taking up residence in your home.

We all know rodents can cause multiple problems ranging from chewing holes in wiring and walls to spreading diseases. The safest means of securing your home is to contact Active Pest Control. Our Active Pest Control Advantage program will correct your rodent problem and is a year-round solution for monitoring and controlling rodents along with most common household pests.

Keep Winter Mice Out in Georgia in Georgia

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