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Local Atlanta School Battling With Mice

When you have a mouse in the house or in your business it is a very concerning matter. Instantly, you move into gear and do everything you can to quickly eliminate these harmful rodents including calling in the experts at Active Pest Control. Good move! Although setting up traps in your home or office will catch a few mice, this method is certainly not an aggressive enough plan to rid your space of all the mice that have set up shop inside your walls. Mice are very social creatures, and when you see one you can be sure there are dozens more lurking close by. This is a fact that Sedalia Park Charter Elementary School has learned firsthand.

This Cobb County school has been battling field mice since September, and losing. On the website for the Atlanta Journal – Constitution, it is noted that despite setting traps for this mouse infestation the mice have continued to thrive. The article stated that: “In order to control the mice, school officials have set traps outside the building and in classrooms, sealed visible holes and trimmed trees and bushes bordering the school, according to a letter Principal Karen Wacker sent to parents on Friday…Despite the traps, officials noticed mice in another part of the school after Thanksgiving break.”

Unfortunately, this is a common scenario when trying to fight an infestation of mice without the help of a professional. Eliminating rodents takes a multi-faceted approach which can include the use of pesticides, baits, and exclusion methods. In order to effectively apply these techniques, the assistance of an educated and experienced pest care professional is necessary. After all, one battle with mice is enough, without having them return a few months later because the ‘super highway’ they used to enter in the first place was never shut down!

If you have found that you too are battling with mice this winter, give us a call. Here at Active Pest Control we have the best and the brightest in pest control working to ensure your pest issue is dealt with in a timely and effective manner. We have been successfully eliminating pests for almost 40 years here in Atlanta. That’s a lot of hands-on experience waiting to work for you. Don’t let mice get the upper hand; call us today and experience the difference the Active Pest Control team makes!

Local Atlanta School Battling With Mice in Georgia

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