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Meet Commercial Supervisor Rick Gilbert

For the past 43 years, Active Pest Control has built a reputation for safe, effective, eco-friendly solutions to pest pressures administered by knowledgeable professionals whose primary goal is complete pest eradication and complete customer satisfaction. Our success and longevity can be attributed to the caliber of people that we choose to become part of our team, among other things. We screen our prospective employees and check their references to ensure that the men and women that wear the Active Pest Control name are qualified for the position and that they possess strong morals and demonstrate an exemplary character; and each month, we take the time to introduce you to a member of our team.

With so many outstanding and qualified employees to choose from, our biggest difficulty each month is deciding which team member to introduce you to. This month we have chosen one of our valued commercial supervisors, Rick Gilbert. Rick has been a part of the Active Pest Control family of pest professionals for more than 11 years, joining our team in December of 2003. This is not only a testimony of Rick’s dedication and commitment to our commercial clients, but it is also a testimony of our commitment to our team. In fact, Rick said that the thing he loves best about working here at Active Pest Control is, “Our owners truly care about people – regardless if they are an employee, a customer, or in a community organization that we are involved with.”

This is truly our view; and as a company, from the owners on down through the ranks, we strive to remain focused on and committed to the people that we serve whether you are a part of our team, one of our valued customers, or a part of the many community organizations that we support.

Rick is certified in wood destroying organisms (WDO) and household pest control (HPC); both are areas that Rick has excelled in. He brings excellence and experience with him as he services and oversees our commercial clients and has earned a reputation as an exceptional professional that can identify and correct even the most difficult pest pressures utilizing integrated pest management strategies and safe, approved materials that meet all of the standards set for the particular industry he is working with. Rick works tirelessly to ensure that your commercial property is safe from pests and that you are happy with the results!

Aside from being an integral part of our commercial pest control team, Rick has a great sense of humor which is evident in his response when asked what his favorite pest is. With a sheepish grin, he wryly answered, “Dead ones!” This is extremely fortunate for Rick, since he is so adept at locating and eliminating even the most elusive of pests!

When Rick is not hard at work defending commercial properties against harmful and damaging pests, he is spending time with his lovely wife and their only son. Together, they enjoy lacrosse, serving in their church, and spending time with extended friends and family.

If pests are threatening the viability of your commercial property, give the professionals here at Active Pest Control a call. Who knows? You may just meet Rick face to face! And, be sure to tune in next month, same time, same blog, to meet the next employee we choose to showcase.

Meet Commercial Supervisor Rick Gilbert in Georgia

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