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Mosquitoes be Gone!

Mosquito prevention tips:

  • Clean out gutters and make sure water actually flows through them. Mosquitoes love stagnant water.
  • Clearing out foliage or debris? Don’t let it sit for a long time.
  • Empty all standing water around your house and yard. Birdbaths, wheelbarrows and plant pots can be prime breeding habitats.
  • Keep shrubs around your house trimmed.
  • Removing a tree stump? Fill in the hole with dirt afterwards.
  • Get your neighbors on board with eliminating mosquitoes by sharing these tips.

Want even more peace of mind? Try Active Pest Control’ mosquito reduction plan. Our knowledgeable pest control professionals will inspect your yard, identify problem areas and then implement a plan.

From treating gutters with larvacides to spraying underneath the leaves of shrubs and trees, Active Pest Control‘ mosquito reduction plan helps you enjoy a virtually mosquito-free year. And if the pesky bugs come back, so do we. It’s guaranteed! Give us a call today at 770.339.4500 to schedule an appointment.

Mosquitoes be Gone! in Georgia

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