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Nobody Likes Spiders

Do you like spiders? Are you thrilled when a spider slowly lowers itself down in front of your eyes as you are eating your breakfast? Are you glad when you are walking to the bathroom at two in the morning and you get a spider web across your face? Maybe you enjoy it when you look up and see a big spider sitting on the side of your baby’s crib? While there are actually some people who do like spiders, even love them, most people do not want these creepy critters living in their homes with them. Although lots of different spiders can get into people’s homes, today we will talk about the common house spider, some facts, and how you can keep them out of your home.

There are several different types of house spider, but we’re focusing this article on the most common house spider which is also sometimes called the American house spider. Here are a few interesting facts you may not know about the common house spider.

  • These spiders live in houses, which is where they get their name. But they don’t only live on webs in the corners of your ceiling. Sometimes they live inside walls.
  • Female common house spiders can be up to twice as large as their male counterparts, with the females growing up to 6 mm long.
  • These spiders have 8 single-lens eyes, and their body is divided into two parts called the cephalothorax and the abdomen.
  • You can tell you have house spiders, even if you don’t see the spiders themselves, by the presence of their webs.
  • House spiders will often spin several webs in various places before they make one in a place that is suitable to catch prey.
  • Even if you don’t see spiders inside your home, you may still have large numbers of them living within your walls if there is enough food for them there.
  • House spiders typically catch and eat anything from roaches to earwigs, and from mosquitoes to moths.

Although the common house spider will not bite you unless you accidentally bring it against your skin and it feels threatened, they are still no fun to have invading your home. And take note; if you do have these spiders, then you also have other pests since these spiders will not stay in a home without sources of food.

The fact is it is extremely difficult to get rid of house spiders because they tend to hide out in places that you can’t see or reach. Some are tiny. Some are very large. But all are a nuisance! And all are an indication that you have other pest issues.

There are some steps you can take to discourage pests from staying, such as sealing up food sources and keeping your home clean and dry, but to get rid of the common house spider and all of the “foods” they eat you need the help of a pest control company. With decades of experience and the most advanced equipment and training, the experts here at Active Pest Control can turn common house spiders into uncommon house spiders. Every time!

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